Cinco de Mayo

Hello All-

I hope you had as wonderful of a Cinco de Mayo as I did! We had a work lunch today with some catered scrumptious Chiptole. (mmmmmmmhhmmmmm)

After work, Tyler and I went on a long run outside. Yes, you heard me correctly, out-side. You see, here in Wisconsin, the weather still thinks it’s the end of Winter-beginning of Spring which is not okay.

But we made the best of it! Made one of my favorite dishes for supper using Grandma’s left over pork ribs from Sunday brunch. Mixed it with some broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (mmmm I can’t seem to get enough of this dish).


And topped off the night with a Corona to celebrate the day


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

As I was sipping on my Corona I really got to thinking about Tyler on our run earlier and how proud of him I was. You see, I have always been a fitness fanatic and Tyler just let me be me. (I even believe he quoted one time, “I will never go for a run for fun.”) But now, I can see the fanatic in me wear off on him and I absolutely love it. It makes it so much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle when your partner in crime is willing to join you, both in the gym and in the kitchen.

When Tyler first started running/walking with me last June, he could barely run a mile without having to take a break. And today he killed 3.5 miles with out a side ache or troubles breathing (all things he usually had to break for in the past). It’s so fun to see how the body adapts to activity when you keep it moving.

So how did he do it? Here are some tips that Tyler followed to get active and overcome the aches and pains:

  • start off slow – we only did walk/runs twice a week to start and most of the time it was walking
  • if you can – get your spouse, friends or family to help you. It is always easier to have someone else help push you. (There were even times when Tyler got me off the couch).
  • gradually increase your days of activity – once Tyler began to run more than twice a week his aches and pains began to go away because his body was getting into cardio shape.
  • if you have side aches – remind yourself to push through. The side aches are a hump that you have to overcome. Once get into better shape the aches tend to go away. Tyler had to push through many days of aches until one day they stopped all together (side note: if the aches are unbearable and don’t go away, do not continue exercise. Take a rest and if they continue to happen advice a medical professional)
  • remember that physical results won’t happen right away – many people tend to stop their new active lifestyle because they are looking for physical results. The results you should be seeking first and foremost is the great accomplishing and positive attitude that typically comes with becoming more active.
  • once you are noticing the walks/runs are becoming easier, start to work other forms of exercise into your lifestyle such as weight lifting.

These are just a few tips that Tyler followed and now he leaves me in the dust on our runs 🙂

What push backs do you run into when trying to start a new workout plan?

What do you find is the hardest part of staying active?



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