Storms In Our Life


You pulled an all nighter to study for another final. Your boyfriend said he needs a “break”. You feel like a fireman at work putting out fire after fire to keep the clients happy. Your relationship at home has hit a plateau and your kids are having troubles in school.

The storms in our everyday life.

 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

 But how do you react to these storms?

 So many times myself I have thought, God how could you allow this to happen to me. While struggling with this question throughout college an inspiring and very well written book, “Waiting On God” by Cherie Hill, was able to show me that it’s through the storms in our life that we become closer to God.

Imagine your life being perfect every day. You don’t need to work, there is no stress, money grows on your money tree outside and it’s always 70 degrees and sunny. Sounds pretty great huh? But how many times would you sit there and thank God. And I mean truly praise God. You see, it seems that through all of our struggles, we turn to God the most. We may ask him why me or how do I get through this, but we also pray to him and ask for his help.

It’s how you react to the storms in your life that truly matter. Understand that the storms of your life, allow God to lift you up and give you true life to the fullest. It’s possible that if you had that perfect life described above, you would never seek the Lord.

Simply put, the purpose of your storm is all about your relationship with Jesus. It’s all out your faith in Him. – Cherie Hill

Cherie Hill helped show me that as God works on our character, He uses our suffering to keep us focused on Him. He wants us to know he isn’t there to stop the storms from coming into our lives, but to take us through them. He just wants our love and faith.

“Have faith in God.” – Mark 11:22

When we overcome our storms, miracles happen. The raging storm in your life is God’s love and wisdom. He is allowing the opportunity for us to see Him calm it.

When we are experiencing tough times, it is extremely hard to see the purpose behind the storm. But I encourage you, instead of asking, God why me? Put your faith in him. Know that he will get you through it and I promise you He will. I have experienced it many times myself. And it’s when I start to feel struggles in my life again that I can ask myself, where is God in my life? Why am I not putting him first?

“Use this time as a revelation from God, an opportunity to learn to Trust Him and a stepping stone to better things in the future.” –Waiting on God by Cherie Hill.

The two things I walked away from this beautiful message with that I hope you can use in your life is this:

  • God has assured us that there is a blessing behind every storm, even though we can not see it. ::When He allows a storm in your life, it has great purpose; if you miss the purpose, you may miss God’s will for your life::
  • You’ll even find that your storms of life will be used by God to bless the lives of others. (What an amazing feeling to know that the experiences you have gone through could help change, save and bless the lives of others. To me that is one of the most rewarding things in this life!)

Do you feel God throughout the storms of your life?

If not, are you willing to put your faith in him?


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  1. Tom Dulas says:

    You are soo wise, I wonder where you got that from??

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