The Marshmallow Test



That word. My best friend and I can never seem to figure it out. We actually joke about how in our day-to-day life, neither of us are very patient with anything. We want everything now.

But isn’t that how our society is? We want everything yesterday. Clients ask for favors, bosses need results, wives take way to long getting ready for the work party. Patience. None of us have it.

A few Sundays ago, in a sermon at Good Shepherd church in Verona, WI the pastor preached about patience and showed the cutest YouTube video called “The Marshmallow Test”. (I encourage you to check it out!)


It shows how children sit in an empty room with a marshmallow on a plate in front of them. They are given instructions to wait for the teacher to come back and then they get two marshmallows. But if they eat it before she comes back, they will only get one. You can see the struggles and temptations on each child’s face as they wait.

You see, it’s our human nature to want it now.

Walking away from that sermon I learned a lot about myself. I needed to wait and be on God’s timing. He has a plan all mapped out before we are even born.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

In my life I have seen that when things are consistent from day to day, it means my attitude isn’t right. God still is trying to teach me something on the road He has me on. Once I see what He is teaching me with a good attitude, He gives the next challenge in life. And that is the exciting part of life!

Be patient with a good attitude and you will see the many blessings in your life.

Happy Wednesday!

Questions of the day:

What are some of the things you are impatient about?

How can you change your attitude in those impatient times?


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