Reflection Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I want to use this morning to reflect on all the blessings I encountered on such a beautiful weekend.


I feel like in this life we are so quick to forget the good things we have in our lives every day. The weekend’s fly by and Monday morning comes way to quick, leaving us grumble on our way to work. When we don’t stop and take the time to reflect, we don’t always realize the blessings that have occurred in our lives.

I encourage you to take five minutes to stop watching TV or scanning through social media and get out a pen and paper. It’s not only good to count your blessings, but also extremely good for your health. When we take time to reflect, our bad attitude quickly changes to thankfulness as we realize all that we have in this life.

My Mother’s Day Weekend reflection:

Saturday I had the opportunity to coach the Markesan girls 15 and under basketball team. We only had six girls so we all were a little nervous how the day was going to go.

I am so unbelievably proud of these six girls that battled their butts off every game. When I first took this coaching job I was unsure if I would be a good coach or if I would even like it for that matter. But this tournament showed me the latter. I absolutely love coaching, especially this group of girls. When I was able to take what I had personally learned from my years of playing and use that to teach the girls or help them get over a mental lapse, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever encountered.

I have to share a story of our point guard who made some mistakes and let it show. In our second game we battled through an overtime victory with a three-point basket at the buzzer, made by none other than our point guard. If you were watching the game 30-seconds before this buzzer beater shot, you would have never guessed that our point guard would be the one to come through for the team. She had missed a wide-open lay-up that would have won the game, but instead, turned the ball over with about 15-seconds left to go in overtime. We had a time-out called and she came to the bench with tears in her eyes.

I knew that feeling, I knew how fast her heart was pounding and how choked up her throat felt because she thought she had just lost the game for her team. I had felt that many times in my years of playing. I hated when I made those dumb turnovers or stupid last minute decisions that I knew I shouldn’t have done, but they happened anyways. I was use to having a college coach in my face asking me what the hell I was thinking, trust me, a hard way to bounce back. But as the team was walking out of the huddle I took her arm and told her this game is full of second chances. Every one makes mistakes, shit we had a bunch of turnovers and missed free throws the whole game. Ten seconds on the clock was a lot of time to make things happen. I had complete faith that she would be the one getting us the win even though she felt like the game was already lost.

Turns out our post player made an amazing steal right in front of our bench with 1.9 seconds left. I called a quick time-out and set up a side-out play for our point guard to catch and shoot on the left wing right. With an exceptional pass from our in bounder, the point guard got the ball, went up with the shot and banked it in. The victory was ours.

But more than the team victory, I saw the victory in my point guard’s eyes as she couldn’t believe her shot went in. This small victory in all of our lives that day really showed me something about my own life and I hope it can show you something in yours as well.

Reflection #1: We all make mistakes in this life and we all feel like we can’t overcome obstacles at times. But by having faith in ourselves, faith in those around us and faith in God, we will overcome any hurdle in our way.

Throughout college, I didn’t always enjoy basketball. In fact, I sometimes felt there was no purpose for the struggles I was facing. I didn’t see how games were making me a better person or inspiring the lives of others like I so badly wanted to do. But that’s the crazy thing about this life, sometimes the struggles we go through aren’t to help us at that exact time. They are to help us help others sometime down the road. And I felt like I was truly able to help our point guard lift her head up and realize how important she was to us. She was able to make a play that I know I wouldn’t have been able to do at her age and I am so unbelievably proud of her and every single girl that played that day. It’s crazy how the little things in life that we don’t realize are lessons, can teach us all, even the coach.

As I drove to my parent’s house back in Markesan, I couldn’t stop smiling at the many victories of the day. Not only games won, but also the lessons I had personally learned helping me grow more as a person. The girls may not know they are making me a better person, but they sure are. 🙂

Sunday was a wonderful Mother’s Day. I got to spend the day with this adorable peanut and my beautiful Mother for most of the day.


We visited my grandmother’s grave to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and smile about all that she had taught us.

Then we picked up my father’s beautiful mother and spent the afternoon playing cribbage.


Don’t let her smile fool you, my grandmother does NOT like to lose in cribbage. Feisty! 🙂

We did a little yard work, played outside in the beautiful weather and relaxed. Once every one left and it was just my mommasita and I, we had to end the day with an orange float, one of my mommasita’s mothers favorites! As we sat down and drank our floats we reminisced about the beautiful angel that our good Lord had taken from us. She was such an amazing lady that taught us both so much.

Reflection #2: Sometimes, the good Lord takes our loved ones so soon and we don’t feel like it’s fair. But what my grandmother left behind was an amazing daughter who has taught me so much about this life. My grandmother was one of my best friends that would do absolutely anything for me. I was the apple of her eye and she was the center of my world. As much as I miss her, I know she is in a better place and I can see the amazing work she has done in my mother. It makes me want to become a better person because I know of the amazing teacher my mother had and I see every day how great of a teacher my own mother is. Every moment spent with my beautiful mommasita is a gift from God. She teaches me what it’s like to show love and kindness every day to those around me. I see God’s love and joy in her life.

And that is of the best lessons anyone can learn and see in this life.

Happy Monday Everyone!

 Question of the Day:

  • How did you spend your Mother’s Day Weekend?

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