4 Tips to Overcome a Slow Digestion


Happy Wednesday!

We had some crazy storms the past few days and nights causing our Internet and computer to act funny. But, they are both back in action on this beautiful morning.

Want in on a small guilty pleasure of mine? I absolutely love sitting at work while it’s dark and rainy! Not only do I love the soothing sound, but also the fact I know I’m not missing out on anything outside of my tiny cubicle. 🙂

Night storms are even better! Falling asleep to the thunder and rain on the windows is my lullaby. Although Tyler always, and I mean always has to fall asleep to the TV, I don’t always have the luxury of falling asleep to the rain. But Monday night, the second he fell asleep, I turned the TV off so I could enjoy the soothing sound of the rain on the windows.

He must not have known I snuck the TV off because in the morning he was such a gentleman and made me an avocado-honey egg sandwich. I swear I could eat this for every meal if I have to.



Yesterday was a wonderful day of asparagus stir-fry too. My mother has an asparagus patch in her backyard so during the summer, almost every meal has asparagus!

IMG_0004 IMG_0002

Love love loveeee asparagus!


But on to Wednesday morning! I want to talk about the mind-body connection journey I am on and what I have been learning the last few weeks in “Happy Belly” by Nadya Andreeva about my body and myself.

I have been keeping a food journal to really evaluate how different foods are making me feel throughout the day. To truly find which foods trigger my digestive and tummy issues I need to access how I feel when I’m eating and what I’m eating when I see the symptoms starting to arise.

So far I have learned that it doesn’t always matter on the food, but rather on how I am eating. The other night I had an amazing stir-fry (because I’m addicted) and it gave me bloating and knots in my tummy all night. I had to eat in the car while I was driving to basketball practice and had 15 minutes to finish my supper. I rushed my meal and had a tummy ache all night because of it. I was frustrated with how badly I wanted to curl into a ball all night, all because I didn’t take care of how I was eating.

Nadya explains in “Happy Belly” that we need better habits around food. If we do, the more energy-efficient our digestion will be and the more energy we will have to enjoy life, play, work and change the world.

This really hit me because I realized how true this statement is. We have so much control over enjoying this life all by taking care of what we put into our body!

This week I am focusing on really enjoying my food, eating slowly and not rushing. When you have a slow digestion like I do, your body doesn’t want you slamming food down your throat. It wants you to take time, chew slowly, take small bites and give the digestive system time to catch up.

I am pretty excited that I was able to realize this. For a long period of my life I would get so frustrated with the tummy aches and the bloating, but now when I can put a finger on what may be the cause for each tummy ache, I’m getting that much closer to having more energy every day!

Some of you that don’t have digestive or tummy issues may not understand how badly it can affect those of us with these issues. Some days I have no energy, hate the world and need to curl up in a ball, all because I didn’t nourish myself properly.

For those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about these four tips have helped me so much in the past few weeks and I believe they are a good starting point:

1. Keep a food journal to find which foods trigger your symptoms – But do not count calories!

  • Counting calories is exhausting and leads you to feel bad about yourself if you don’t stick under your restricted calories
  • By keeping a journal, you are listening to your body when it tells you it needs nourishment and then keeping track of how those particular foods make/made you feel. Write everything from tummy aches to feeling energetic!

2. Eat slowly, take small bites and make sure to chew each bite

3. Eat only when your tummy tells you to!

  • This one is huge for me, sometimes I have the habit of seeing food and eating it, but when my tummy isn’t hungry that’s usually when I get bloated and don’t feel good.
  • When you see food, ask yourself this, “Is my tummy really hungry?” If not, then pass on the food. If your tummy is grumbling, than eat!

4. By following the rule above, I have noticed I don’t munch NEARLY as often as I used to

  •  I used to think I needed to munch for my digestive system to work. But that was mostly my problem—my tummy needed a break from all the munching
  • Now I eat once every 3-4 hours and it has helped drastically

I encourage those of you that want a life of less bloating and more energy to try the four tips above. Let me know how they work for you. Each of our bodies is different so what works for me may not work for you. But it’s great to hear what has worked for others.

I truly believe the four tips above allow our mind to ask our body what it really wants. Instead of our mind making the decision without asking the body. When you let your mind and body work together, I promise you will start to feel so much better!

I would love to hear what has worked for some of you to overcome a slow digestion, bloating and tummy aches.

Questions for the day?

What have you done to fix your tummy issues?

Do you feel like you have more energy when you focus on fixing the issues?


Feel free to share your thoughts...

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