Do The Friday Dance

Fridayyyyy! Do the Friday Danceeeeee. ::whoot whoot::

The work week is coming to an end and I have a few things I need to be thankful for this week before I get into a quick 20-minute Friday morning workout.

1) Chocolate Cupcakes

I love when my coworkers accomplishments are celebrated in the office!

Even though I’m a fitness and health fanatic, I can’t say no to a chocolate cupcake at 10:30 in the morning! We had a copywriter intern at work who just celebrated from UW-Madison so our party planning committee decided there is no better way to celebrate then with these scrumptious cupcakes.

2) Teasing my coworker for why she can’t have one!

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

The one downfall of getting married, that wedding diet! Poor Kerri, I enjoyed eating this in front of her. (Please don’t mind my messy desk)

3) My promotion within from Marketing Project Coordinator to Copywriter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers to the new promotion

I have a very strong passion for writing, so when a copywriting position opened up at I felt I needed to take the opportunity to apply and I was blessed with the promotion this Wednesday! Everyone has been so supportive at and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. Even though a few are sad I will be leaving my current position, seeing how happy they are for me makes me even more excited to join the creative team and be doing something I am truly passionate about. πŸ™‚

4) I am thankful for so much more from this week, but above are just a few I wanted to celebrate with a quick Happy Dance this morning! Every day I am thankful for so much that God has given me in this life. He is filling my heart with his desires and I really hope that he can continue to bless me to spread love and joy to those around me.

5) Be excited for Monday’s post. I am running in a Zombie Run this weekend with Tyler and some friends and I can only imagine what I am about to experience πŸ™‚


Onto our quick 20-Minute workout this morning. I like to get a quick home work out in on Fridays because a lot of time after work Tyler and I are headed back to our parents houses right away, going out on a date night or in this case today, driving to Milwaukee for the Zombie Run.

Since I tend to sit behind a desk most of the day I like to get up and move everyday so Friday mornings are my mornings to be thankful for the accomplishments of the week, do a little Friday Dance for those accomplishments (that can be anything really, I tend to just jump in circles with a few fist pumps celebrating my victories for about a minute πŸ™‚ ) and then onto the 20-minute workout.

Repeat through 10-minute circuit twice to get full 20-minutes:

1:00 Jog in Place
:30 squats
:30 forward lunges alternate legs
1:00 jumping jacks
:30 mountain climbers
:30 jumping squats (squat and power up with a jump, land, squat repeat)
1:00 butt kicks
:30 squat punches (squat in a plie while punching)
:30 side lunges (right leg)
1:00 high knees
:30 squat plie (2 squats and jump, land 2 squats and jump, repeat)
:30 side lunges (left leg)
1:00 jumping jacks (fast this time)
:30 push-ups
:30 Heisman
(Repeat through a 2nd time)

I’m off to do this myself!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.



Questions for the Day:

  • What are some things you are thankful for this week that deserve a Friday Dance?
  • Any big plans for the weekend?



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