How to be an Extra in this Hollywood Film – The Movie of Life


Happy Tuesday everyone.

How was everyone’s start to the week? I’m overcoming a sore throat and feeling sleepy, but it’s Tuesday morning and it’s supposed to get up to 80 today in Wisconsin so I can forget about the sore throat and finally throw on a cute sun dress.  🙂

I started this beautiful morning off with reading my devotional called “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan which is an amazing book about love. I absolutely LOVE love, so when I heard about this book I knew it was a must read. It is so interesting and really puts life into perspective. Something interesting that Chan does is incorporate his website ( with his book. After most of the chapters he encourages you to put the book down and visit his website to watch a YouTube video that explains more in depth about what you just read.


I want to share with you this morning about the movie of life Chan writes about in Chapter 2. This section of the chapter gave me such an “aha” moment in my life and made me realize this life is about God, not me.

Most of us wake up every day thinking it’s just an average day right? We have our daily routine to keep on schedule and work to attend to. But really think about all the things that need to work in order for you to even complete your daily routine. I mean really think about the body parts that need to pump blood and how the brain has to tell the body to move in order to complete such ordinary tasks. Really stop and think how crazy and miraculous this body is that God created in order to live an “average day”. It’s almost as if we are in our own little movie every day.

But now imagine you are an extra in a big Hollywood movie. You get two-fifths of a second where the back of your head is shown behind the main character. As you watch the movie you get so excited because you were in a big Hollywood movie made about you.  You invite all of your friends to opening night at the theaters to see the movie about you. What would they say? They probably wouldn’t even realize you were in the movie and they would definitely think you are crazy to even think the movie was about you at all.

Now what if I told you this movie is your life every day. Daniel Chan explains the big Hollywood movie described above is actually the movie of life.

God created the world, gave His one and only Son and created each and everyone of us to glorify Him. From start to finish this movie is about God. But how could we possibly think this world is all about us? Yet we do. Every day we have something to complain about or think how could this happen to me? But we are two-fifths-of-a-second in this movie of life.

Our point of life is to point to God and glorify Him. To ask for His blessings to spread love and joy to others. Yet our selfishness kicks in and we forget why we were put on this beautiful earth. I encourage you today to stop and think and ask yourself, “Have I been acting like I’m the main character in the movie of life?”(Photo of Home Alone from Google Images. One of my favorite movies 🙂 )

If the answer is yes, I encourage you to take 10 minutes to stop and think. Realize we are all extras in this big movie, but also realize that extras are such an important part of the movie. No movie would be entertaining or successful if the extras weren’t there to make the main character shine from the crowd.

We are God’s extras in the movie of life. We have such an important purpose on this earth to make God shine to others! Ask for his blessings to spread His love and joy to others!

Questions of the day:

  • What is your favorite movie?
  • Do you like it because of the extras or the main characters?





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