DWTS Candace Bure – Spreading God’s Love To The World

As a Dancing With The Stars fan, but not fanatic, I was one of those bandwagon hoppers last night. I have watched a few episodes this season but after watching Monday night’s episode and the Finale last night, I was a little disappointed I didn’t watch every week! Such amazing dancers.

I was definitely rooting for Meryl and Max and thought they were so adorable together. The way Meryl looked at Max spelt L-O-V-E inside and out!

Meryl and Max
Picture from thrivesports.com

But what really made me love last night’s episode was the beautiful Candace Bure and how the show has helped her faith.

picture from abc.go.com
picture from abc.go.com

When Candace began talking early on in last night’s episode of the ups and downs she has experienced in her life and of the weight issues she encountered during the filming of “Full House” my heart went out to her. Growing up on film has to be a very hard thing to do. But when she began talking about how the DWTS has helped her faith grow, my heart began to leap with joy.

picture from fullhouse.wikia.com
picture from fullhouse.wikia.com

Here is a young woman of Christ living in the spot light, sharing her story of faith and God’s path for her. There were times when Candace really struggled with the show and the pressure, but she continued to preach how God has a plan for her and if DWTS is where He wanted and needed her to be, she couldn’t be more happy to be there.

When I heard her say those loving words, I couldn’t believe it. We always hear of celebrities thanking God for their accomplishments, but not once have I heard of a beautiful and famous woman speaking of the path God has for her and using her spot light to help spread His love for her and her love for Him.

I can sit here all day and talk about how much love I have for my Father in Heaven and how He has a path for each and every one of us, but it would never reach to the multitude of hearts that Candace’s message reached to last night.

My heart is still so excited for the many lives she may have touched last night and throughout the whole season. When I saw God working through someone like Candace and reaching out to millions of people at one time, it really made me realize the power and love God has for all of us.

He does have a plan and a path for each and every one of us. Sometimes we don’t understand the plan. Sometimes we don’t want to be on the path He set for us.  But in the end, it’s not about us. It is about Him.


We are to live this live for the glory of God, spreading His love and joy to those around us.


I pray that today, God can bless you and me like he did Candace so that we can spread His love and joy to those around us. I also pray that He can fill our heart with the desires He has for us instead of our own earthly desires, so we can walk on the path He has set out for us and touch many lives along the way.

Happy Wednesday!

Questions for the day:

  • Who were your favorite dancers of this season?
  • How else do you see celebrities spread the love of God?


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