Do The Friday Dance

Fridayyyyy!!! It’s Friday!!

You may think I’m completely crazy, but I literally do a little Friday Dance every Friday. As I mentioned last Friday, it involves jumping around in circles with a few fist pumps. Friday is not only the end of the work week, but also a time to reflect on all that has happened during the week and what to look forward to for the weekend. I am such a strong believer in reflecting on the good we have in our lives, otherwise, we sometimes miss, take for granted, or don’t realize how good we really do have it.

Things I’m thankful for this week:

1) Tyler

Tyler and I

This guy has a way to really keep me grounded when life gets hard. I’m a girl and I have those girl emotions. But he always has a way to calm me down and make me realize how much I have in this beautiful life. When work gets hard, he knows the words to say to snap me back into reality. He reminds me of love and happiness everyday, not with just his words, but also with how he lives his life. He takes care of me when I’m sick and makes me breakfast without me asking. 🙂

Egg, honey and toast
Egg, honey and toast

(One of my favorite breakfast meals!! He knows me too well)

I really have been so blessed with this handsome man in my life.

2) Cough Drops

After my Zombie Run-

2014 Zombie Run

I came down with a sore throat which now has turned into a cold. We all know how awful sore throats are and how impossible it is to drink water with a sore throat, so this week I’ve been a baby to Tyler. On Monday, I was constantly whining and moaning about my throat so what does he do? He doesn’t say a word, gets up, leaves for about ten minutes and comes back with my favorite flavored water and cough drops.

Halls Cough Drops

Seriously these things have saved me in all my work meetings this week.

3) My coworkers.

They all have been so sweet during my lack of voice and multiple sneezes in one conversation! The amazing part about working in a small company is all the friends you make with everyone and how we all care about each other. As I was talking to a designer, she pulled out her medicine drawer because she could tell it hurt to talk. She whipped out a soothing throat coat tea bag. Honestly, you need to try this tea if you ever have a sore throat!

image from
image from

4) My Basketball Team

(I Didn’t Take a Picture of Them last night 😦 Makes me sad)

But they are such an amazing group of girls. Last night was my last practice with them since our last tournament got cancelled due to a lack of teams. These girls were such an inspiration to me and have taught me how much I truly love the game of basketball. I am so blessed to be able to use my hard times from college ball to help them get through tough practices and pass the mental lapses that can occur. I had so much fun and can’t wait to coach them again next year!

5) Nadya Andreeva’s Free Wednesday night seminar – “Live It Up”

Nadya was kind enough to share some secret tips that she only shares with her one-on-one clients. On my mind-body journey I have break through moments and I have steps back. Wednesday night allowed me to be reminded of the things that help along this journey and brought me back to a break through moment! This journey is so fun, interesting and exciting for me because I seem to learn more and more about my body every day.

6) Haidyn Leah

My Little Princess
My Little Princess

I get to spend the ENTIRE Memorial Day weekend with this little peanut and I can not wait! I called her earlier this week to see how she was doing and her voice just makes me melt.  I get sad because I live an hour and 10 minutes from her so I don’t always get to see her, but when I do we have such a good time! She brings the child back out in me. There is very little time to relax when with her, but that’s the fun part about spending time with this beautiful little girl.

Haidyn Leah

Come on I have to brag, she is my beautiful niece 🙂

7) Rah


My BFF that moved to California is in town so I get to spend all of tonight with this beautiful lady! I’m so excited to see her again I can’t even stand it!! She is one of the most adventurous and loving people I have ever met. Being with her makes me dream of all the things to come! I’m excited to sit below the stars tonight and dream big!


The last thing I wanted to share with every one this beautiful morning was some fitness tips that I like to follow when not feeling my best. With a sore throat and a cold it’s not always the best to pound on your body, run those long distance miles and make your throat even more sore, but it is good to keep moving.

First I like to start with making sure that I’m getting up and moving on my lunch breaks throughout the week. By going on short walks I’m getting in a few steps that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten in.

And the main form of exercise I like to focus on is, drum rollllllllllllllllll:


You probably guessed it before I even mentioned it! Yoga is one of my favorite go to exercises especially when I’m sick because it is good for you mind, body and soul. It allows you time to be thankfull, mindful and really understand your body more.

When I was in college I purchased a book, “The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga” by Kathryn Budig which shows you different yoga sequences for different scenarios of your life. They give you sequences for back pain, headaches, digestion, if your an athlete, mom, etc.

image from (Print Price $26.99, Kindle Price $12.99)
image from (Print Price $26.99, Kindle Price $12.99)

When I’m not feeling well I like to do the short yoga sequence for Energy from “The Big Book of Yoga”:

  • Stretch – lie on your back and lift your legs and chest about 12 inches off the ground. Reach your fingers toward your toes and take deep breaths in and out for 2 minutes
  • Spine Roll – Pull your knees into your chest and roll back and forth on your spine for 1 minute
  • Knees to Nose – Hug your knees into your chest and reach your arms along your body or behind your neck for support. Take deep breaths in and out for 2 minutes
  • Ego Eradicator – Sit in criss-cross-applesauce with your arms up to 60 degrees, and make a fist, thumbs stretched up. Take deep breaths in and out for 2 minutes

For more in depth instructions and images I really encourage you to check out this book!

Then, if I’m feeling up to it, I do a few Jillian Micheal’s yoga sessions and feel much better by the end of my workouts 🙂

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better Memorial Day Weekend!

Questions for the Day:

  • What are some things you are thankful for this week?
  • Does yoga seem to help you when you are not feeling your best?


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