Time For Another Friday Dance!


I can not believe it’s time for another Friday Dance! I feel like it was yesterday when I did my last dance and began moving all of our belongings into our new apartment.

This morning I started early off with literally jumping out of my bed and hopping around in circles, but let’s just say that wasn’t my normal Friday Dance routine. I have been getting the worst calf cramps all week. Every single night I have been woken up with either a cramp in my foot or my calf. Poor Tyler usually gets hit a few times until he helps rub it for me. I need to figure out what is going on with my legs!

But besides that burst of activity this morning I really want to reflect on my week and give thanks to all the good things that have happened. Again, as humans, we seem to always remember the bad or negative parts of our days. I notice that when I take the time to reflect, I remember some good and exciting things that I have already forgotten happened.

1) Rea Mae

Rea Mae

This beautiful young lady is getting married tomorrow and I am honored to be standing up in her wedding. Rea has been my best friend since high school and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Now that she lives in Milwaukee and I live in Madison, we don’t get to see each other nearly as often, but when we do we pick up right where we left off.

Tomorrow will be a day filled with joy, tears, and love. When I see her and Danny look at each other I know God created them to be together. He has a plan for each and every one of us and I can clearly see this is the start of the plan God meant for both of them.

I can’t wait to share all of the pictures from tomorrow next week!

2) Mine and Tyler’s parents

Mommasita and Daddy

I wish I had a picture of Mark and Patty too!

Tyler and I are so blessed to have such amazing parents. They helped us move last Friday and also helped us decorate. When they left there wasn’t a box left to unpack which very rarely happens. I am so thankful to have such amazing role models to look up to. These four make me want to become the best young woman I can be. I want to be a loving spouse and an amazing parent like they all are.

3) My patio

God's Reminder to Us

I honestly can’t get over how much I love the cabana we created on our patio. It is by far my favorite part of the new apartment. I have sat out here every morning and a little bit every night. It’s like my own paradise.

4) Changes in My Life

Sometimes when things stay the same for a long period of time we fall into this routine or get bored. But with all the changes and moving in my life I feel like I have a fresh start. Not only did I move apartments, but I actually moved desks at work too. In about a month I will be moving to a copywriting position (I still can’t believe it’s happening) so I had to move desks while we are training the new marketing project coordinators. It has been exciting teaching the new MPCs all about the job and knowing that in a month my daily routine will be changed! I couldn’t be more excited!

5) Above all else, God

God is an awesome God. With the many changes: the new apartment, new vehicle and new job there are bills that come along with it. I won’t lie, these bills have stressed me out the last few days now that they have hit my bank account. But I know that God will never give me anything I can’t handle. He is always here and puts us through everything to make us stronger and to make sure we are going to Him about everything. Through the good changes and the bad changes, all praise goes to my Father in Heaven.

Here is my Friday Danceeeee!!! I still managed even with the calf cramps to get up and jump around with some fist pumps. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful week and and even better Friday.

Questions for the day:

  • What is your Friday Dance all about today?



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