Friday Dance: Say What-Already?!

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Friday Danceeeeeee!!! Say What?! Already?!

I really can’t believe Friday is already here. I feel like I just wrote about my last Friday Dance. Every week seems to be flying by quicker and quicker, yet I don’t feel like I’m getting everything done that I need to. That must be life right!

What I love most about my Friday Dances is the weekend I have to look forward to. I seem to always have something fun going on with the family or friends and this weekend will be extra fun! I have Logan’s graduation party and then hopefully, if the weather cooperates, golfing with my family for Father’s Day! I can’t wait. The only thing standing between me and this fun filled weekend, is 6-hours of work! You heard me correctly 6-hours. I work at a really cool place that has short hours on Fridays. Hollaaaaaa! That right there deserves a Friday Dance! 🙂

(Yup I just jumped around in a circle and did my fist pumps. I think I should change up my dance moves. Let me just say I’m glad none of you can see me dance, there’s nothing pretty about it!)

Here’s what I am thankful and dancing for this week:

1) Banana Bread

Friday Dance

Tyler’s mom made this last weekend and of course sent some home with us. Let’s be real she ALWAYS sends home food with us. I love it and hate it all at the same time! She made this banana bread with bananas, eggs, walnuts, chocolate chips and wait for it…..drum roll…..CAKE MIX! Seriously one of the easiest banana bread recipes ever. And to top it all of it was so delicious and moist.

2) Work Pizza Party

Friday Dance

My coworkers are so great. We have this new committee called the “Party Planners” that have been doing such an amazing job of making sure we have fun lunches, happy hours, baby showers and so much more so we not only work hard every day but have some fun too. We had three new employees start this last week and a half so we had a Pizza Party to celebrate. As much as I try to stay away from pizza, I can never say no to Toppers cheese bread!

3) Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Friday Dance

Okay we don’t actually have a day like that at work but I think this little ball of energy might have convinced my boss!


I mean seriously how adorable and cute. One of my coworkers just got this little cutie so she brought her in to show all of us. I would have to say it was probably our least productive 30 minutes at work, but our boss was standing right there soaking it all up so it was OK right?! Seeing this cute little puppy made me want to get one so bad! Soon hopefully!

Friday Dance Friday Dance

I’ll keep you posted if my boss actually makes a Bring Your Dog To Work Day!!

4) Movie Theater Popcorn

Friday Dance

Tyler and I went to the new X-Men:Days of Future Past and it was so good! I always love the Marvel films. I honestly can’t wait for Avengers to come out! 🙂 The movie theater popcorn though, mmmmhmmm, so good! I can’t seem to get enough of it.

5) Golf

Friday Dance

I finally can golf without my wrist hurting!!! Some of you may not know this, but I broke my wrist in February trying to snowboard with the stud above. He told me he had been snowboarding before, but little did I know that meant using a sled as a snowboard down a small hill in his parents backyard when he was eight. Hence, I had no instructor and broke my wrist!

But it feels completely healed now! Tyler and I went to the driving range last night and I was hitting the ball really well. I’m so excited since I haven’t been able to golf yet this year, and even had to watch when my family got to golf in the Smoky Mountains. I’m ready for Father’s Day!!

6) Bloggers

Now that I have been blogging consistently for a few months now, I  love it more than I ever could have ever imagined. I love sharing my thoughts and inspiration with everyone and wish I could spend more time doing it. (Hopefully someday!) Two of my role model bloggers are Julie from PeanutButterFingers and Gina from The Fitnessista. These two women are absolutely amazing and have a way with their words that makes me want to be just like them! By reading their blogs I learn not only about how I can make mine better, but how to live life to the fullest. They are both full time bloggers and get invited to a lot of really neat events such as Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival, Stitch Fix events and many more events to help promote products and try them out themselves. These women inspire me so much and I am so thankful to have found their blogs to follow and learn from. My dream one day is to become a full time blogger and meet one of them in person at one of these events 🙂 Hey we can all dream right?!

So there it is! There is my Friday Dance and for the second time this morning I just got up (in the middle of writing this) and danced around in circles with some additional fist pumps! 🙂

It is so important through our crazy and busy weeks to really sit and think about the good that has happened in our week. It allows us to soak up the good and be thankful for it. It’s our human nature to always think of the bad or hard things we are going through. We seem to really remember them and hold on to those more than we do the good. So I encourage you at the end of every day or ever week to really dig into the good that has happened and do a little dance! It adds a skip to your step and such a great attitude going into that last day of work!

Happy Friday!

Questions for the day:

  • What is your Friday Dance all about today?
  • Does anyone have better choreography for my Friday Dance?! 🙂

Feel free to share your thoughts...

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