Natural Disasters: Praying for those in need

We had a little scare here in Madison as the thunderstorms and winds created a few tornadoes in the area last night. There have been reports of at least 23 homes damaged so far. My heart goes out to those whose homes have been affected. I pray the community can come together and help those in need.

Please put a few prayer requests in to the Big Man upstairs to help the families and friends devastated by this disaster. Thankfully there have been no injuries reported, so I continue to pray that stays true as the stories continue to unfold throughout the day.

This home on Tamarack Way in Verona had its roof blown off by an apparent tornado that hit overnight. Photo from
This home on Tamarack Way in Verona had its roof blown off by an apparent tornado that hit overnight.
Photo and story from

I was very blessed to have a safe place to go in the garage of our apartment complex where we met some of our neighbors who helped keep my mind off of the storm outstide. It was a scary moment, but so very thankful we are all safe.

Reading “Battlefield of the Mind” this morning I couldn’t help, but think about natural disasters and why they happen, and then I stopped in my thoughts. The second we try to figure out why God allows things to happen, we aren’t trusting him. Natural disasters have many reasons, some are to even help earth’s process such as earthquakes. When humans try to understand why or how these things happen, we are trying to figure out God’s plans, something we will never know until judgement day.

The devil uses our minds to try and use these devestations to have an inner voice say, “See God isn’t real or He never would have allowed that to happen.” But you see God IS there. He is more evident in natural disasters than ever.  If life was constant all the time, when would we go to God? I know for a fact if good things were always happening I would get used to the routine and the devil would still find things to put into my mind to make me unhappy. When we have disasters happen it makes us stronger, together as a community and personally as an individual.

I have learned that when things are consistent in life – it means my attitude isn’t right. God still is trying to teach me something. Once I see what He is teaching with a good attitude He will give me His next challenge. And the same is for you.

For those who were affected by the tornadoes last night, I pray they allow God to work through them as they recover from this disaster. I pray they don’t allow the devil to work thoughts into their mind. Natural disasters will always happen, we know God won’t always stop them, but He will be there with open arms to help each and every victim. He will bring the community together to help raise money. He will have others show love and care as they outreach to those in need.

As the amazing singer Jason Gray sings in “With Every Act of Love”:

God put a million, million doors in the world
For his love to walk through
One of those doors is you

We are all doors on this earth to open up the hearts of others. I pray through this hard time, I can be a door showing God’s love to all those hurting this morning. I know God will make things better through time.

Please pray with me this morning for those in need…


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