A Transformation of a Lifetime

Wednesday mornings, ugh I want to keep dreaming! Every Wednesday morning I swear I am in a deep dream of either being a participant in abc’s “Extreme Weight Loss” or in Chris Powell’s body training the participants! I can’t really tell who I am in the dream, but I’m there and it’s real! 🙂

Last summer I fell in love watching “Extreme Weight Loss” as Chris changed the lives of many throughout 1 year. The thing that I love the most is that Chris isn’t just helping them lose weight, but he is changing their life mentally as well. This year Heidi, his wife, is on the show a lot more as well and she is my favorite! Sometimes I think the participants are more scared of her than they are Chris! That’s the type of trainer I want to be.

photo from play.google.com

During each episode I get attached to the participants as I see what they are battling through in their lives every day. Chris always asks, “What got you here? What happened?” And that’s when things get real. That’s the moment the participants let it all out. It’s what Chris uses every time the participant starts to slip up.

photo from www.dailymail.co.uk
photo from http://www.dailymail.co.uk

It’s a year long transformation so there will be slip ups, but Chris has such a way with words that inspires not only his clients, but also me. I have wanted to become a personal trainer for a very long time, but have always felt it’s not the right time in my life to start on that journey just yet.

Chris makes me want to do it right now! I want to inspire the way he does. I want to change others lives into a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally the way he does. I feel like every Tuesday I learn a little bit more about how to be a good personal trainer.

A few weeks ago, there was an episode of a mother and son, Kathie and Josh, taking on this transformation challenge. This was by far one of my favorite episodes.

photo from thenew1037.cbslocal.com
photo from thenew1037.cbslocal.com

I remember one point where Chris was yelling at Josh to put the 25 lb plate above his head and run to orange cones set up yards away from the starting point. Josh put the plate over his head and walked. Chris continued to yell to run, but Josh walked on struggling the whole time. Chris got so mad and turned his back while saying a few things I have never heard Chris say. I looked at Tyler and said, “I can’t believe Chris is acting that way. I have never seen him get so frustrated with a client that he turns his back on him.”

The second Chris turned his back, Josh ran. He RAN. As fast as he could to the orange cones. Chris turned around with heart broken eyes and comforted Josh as he recovered from the sprint.

Chris asked Josh why the second he turned his back on him he then sprinted after Chris had yelled to sprint for many minutes before that. All Josh could do was look at the ground and shake his head.

You see, Chris knew the second he turned his back Josh would sprint. He knew that the second disappointment hits Josh reacts. I have never seen Chris do that on a show before because every participant is different in how they react to yelling or walking away. Chris has many years of experience to know the difference and who can handle what. I was beyond amazed how Chris knew that would work.

That moment literally gave me goosebumps as I saw how Chris was changing not only Josh’s appearance, but his entire life with how he deals with situations and people yelling at him.

Even though this isn’t my time to become a personal trainer, I’ll continue to use every Tuesday as a learning experience for my dream one day and every Tuesday night to live it in my dreams, literally!

Maybe Chris will even have a show where he trains personal trainers on how to help transform lives! That I would be the first to sign up for 🙂

Thank you Chris and Heidi for all that you do. Not only to the participants of the show, but also to all the viewers out there!


Day three of the summer shape up. The workout is a 30 minute steady state.

Check out Gina’s week 1 workout plan here and Anne’s meal plan here.

I’m about to demolish the Scrambled Egg Muffins I made last night! Check out my Day 2 Review here!

Scrambled Egg Muffins

Happy Wednesday!



Questions for the day:

  • What is your favorite Extreme Weight Loss episode?
  • Are you participating in Summer Shape Up 2014? What’s your favorite meal and workout so far?

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