Summer Shape Up Day 4 Review

Hello All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by. I would say these Summer Shape Up workouts and meals are to blame for that! The week flew by as I enjoyed trying new recipes and workouts everyday. Changing up the ole routine is always a good thing, but this Summer Shape Up is top notch.

I made Scrambled Egg Muffins on Tuesday thinking that would be my breakfast for the rest of the week, but someone (cough cough Tyler) got into them after work! So this morning I decided to try a new recipe from the lovely Anne at Fannetastic Food, Banana Oatmeal.

I already love oatmeal, but this recipe was amazing. The smell of it alone was fantastic. I know all my coworkers were jealous!

I used old fashioned oats, almond milk, cinnamon, one banana, strawberries and raspberries:

Summer Shape Up Day 4

Mashed the banana in the bowl:

Summer Shape Up

Added the oats:

Summer Shape Up

Add the milk and cinnamon, and put in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes:

Summer Shape Up

Top it off with some fresh fruit:

Summer Shape Up

Oh emmm geeeee! Why have I never done this before! I’m ashamed of myself for eating oatmeal with water for the past few months.

Summer Shape Up

This literally kept me full all morning long. This is a must try.

For the full measurements and recipe click here.


Today’s Summer Shape Up workout was an “Off” day, but since my amazing mother is coming to town tomorrow I need to take tomorrow off so I can spend as much time with her as possible! 🙂

Today’s workout consisted of a 20 minute hill run and Workout 1. The hill run was a beast of it’s own that’s for sure, but was definitely worth it. My legs are used to running a consistent incline and speed so kicking the incline up a notch made muscles in my legs work that I didn’t even know I had!

Summer Shape Up

I am seriously in love with this workout 1.

Summer Shape Up

All day Wednesday I was feeling Tuesday’s workout and today I figured out what had made me so sore, the SQUAT JUMPSSSS! Love them, but hate them. I am looking forward to having tomorrow off 🙂

Summer Shape Up

The Fitnessista killed the week 1 workout, I’m excited to see what she’s got in store for us in week 2!

Time to refuel and get the house ready for the mommasita’s visit tomorrow!!

Good Night Everyone!





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