Summer Shape Up Day 8 Review

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s start to the week? After work today a coworker and I went out for drinks and dinner at UNO Pizzeria and Grill and of course after a long day at work the drink I was craving was none other than a Wildberry Mango Smoothie!

Summer Shape Up

Ahh sooo good. UNO’s smoothies are my all time favorite.

I am awful at making decisions when I go out to eat (Tyler would agree with that statement), but what caught my eye and appetite tonight was the Chicken Pesto sandwich.

Summer Shape Up

It was really really good. I’m basically a sucker for pesto and this dish my friends was a definite winner.

Gina and Anne posted their Week 2 workout plan and meal plan over the weekend and I was beyond excited to try it out this week. I was very impressed with Week 1 and am even more impressed with Week 2 and it’s only been the first day!


Today’s workout is marked as an “off” day and I was more than happy to accept that challenge. After my 25 minute HIIT workout on the treadmill yesterday my legs were feeling it all day today. Even though it’s an off day I still like to move around and get some movement in throughout the day, but I promise my body I will give it a rest. I went on a 15 minute walk over lunch today and completed a 25 minute yoga routine to stretch out all of the sore muscles. I need them ready to go to complete the Workout 2 tomorrow!


Tyler and I are pretty busy this week so supper is a hit or miss. I believe we only have tomorrow night together to make something and I think I’m going to try the Pesto Salmon recipe. (PESTOOOOO ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Since the Scrambled Egg Muffins were such a hit last week, I couldn’t wait to try the Almond Butter Banana breakfast bars this week.

I used unsweetened applesauce, oats, 2 bananas, almond butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, flax seed, spelt flour, baking power, baking soda and salt:

Summer Shape Up

Mixed the flour, oats and flax seed together:

Summer Shape Up

Added the cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda and salt:

Summer Shape Up

In a separate bowl I mixed the almond butter, applesauce and maple syrup:

Summer Shape Up

Added the mashed bananas:

Summer Shape Up

Then mixed the wet ingredients into the dry:

Summer Shape Up

Mixed it together thoroughly, poured it into a baking pan and topped it with oats:

Summer Shape Up

Baked it for 25 minutes:

Summer Shape UpSummer Shape Up

And there it is. One of the easiest bars I have ever baked, and they are so delicious!

Next time I’m going to use a smaller pan so the bars don’t get as thin. They weren’t as moist as I think they would have been if they were thicker. I still am a huge fan of this recipe. They not only taste fantastic, but they have made my house smell amazing as well. Mmhmmm.

For the full recipe click here.

I’m already loving the meal plans for Week 2 and am excited to try the challenging workout for tomorrow. Gina and Anne have done such a great job combining ideas, workouts and nutrition plans for this Summer Shape Up program. I’m so glad I’m participating. If you are just hearing about this program now, I encourage you to join in. I’ve learned so many tasty and easy recipes and finished some tough workouts all within 1 week. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait to go to sleep so I can have more of these bars in the morning! I need to rest up so I can attempt the workout for tomorrow! Loving Week 2 of Summer Shape Up.




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