Surrender: the first step in God’s Plan

As a Christian many times I have heard the phrase, “take up your cross”, “surrender yourself” or “submit yourself to God” without fully understanding what that meant exactly or how I was supposed to even do it.

Do I hold up a white flag to the heavens? Do I put a cross up in my front yard? What does it even mean?

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In a tiny book titled, “Life Principles for the Graduate: 9 Truths For Living God’s Way,” Charles Stanely explains it well. In school we have this goal to graduate right? We work really hard on getting good grades and making a statement in this world. But what about beyond the achievements, grades and graduation? How do you live then? What is your purpose? This book is not only good for fresh graduates, but everyone.

After graduating, I felt like now what? I just went to school for the past 18 years to graduate, and now that I have graduated what am I on this earth to do?

Charles Stanely states that the Bible offers numerous principles for walking successfully with the Lord. It teaches us how to live a strong, passionate, and committed life as we grow in our faith in Him.

Stanely makes it clear that to surrender yourself to God, doesn’t mean to hold a white flag in the air, but to decide to love God and give Him all of yourself. Our lives were created for HIS GLORY.

I have read this time and time again by different authors of how we are here on this earth to spread God’s love and joy. It’s all for His glory, not ours. God knows everything about us: our thoughts, our actions, when we sit or stand, our desires, etc. It’s when we surrender ourselves to God, we exchange our old thoughts, feelings and desires for new ones. How do we surrender ourselves you may ask? How do we live for His glory? The answer: faith. It is by faith that we believe God is who He says He is and that He will do exactly what He has promised.

God has a plan for all of us. “‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope'” (Jeremiah 19:11). We all have been blessed with different gifts and qualities to spread God’s glory and work.

This is the foundation of my faith and the prayer I come to on a daily basis.

::Lord I pray that you fill my heart with the desires you have for me rather than earthly desires. I pray you bless me today to spread Your love and joy to those around me.::

Without even knowing it, this is my daily surrender prayer. And this whole time I thought I needed to raise a white flag!! 🙂

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Happy Tuesday and I pray you can help spread God’s glory, love and joy to those around you on this day. The first step: surrender yourself. Give all of you to God and He will show you the path that is already written for your life.





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