Summer Shape Up Review Day 14


Happy Monday. What a day it has been!

Besides the tornado warnings and thunder storms day 1 of week 3 has been a pretty successful day!

I was so excited last night when I saw the new workout for this week. I know it is going to be the best one yet and I know it’s going to make me very sore this week! I also was super excited for the meal plans. Like last week, I will be super busy the next few days so I went through and picked the recipes Tyler and I could make tonight and tomorrow.


Since today is an “off” day I decided to do a Pilates workout. I absolutely love how such simple, slow moves can make your heart beat race and muscles burn! I know my inner thighs will be feeling this one in the morning.


Today I created a Peach Almond Overnight Oatmeal and Balsamic Chicken with stuffed mushrooms. I can not explain how stuffed I am!

I made the oatmeal last night so it could sit in the fridge for 8 hours. This morning it was so easy to take it out of the fridge and go! One of the easiest breakfasts yet.

I used oats, almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, flax seed, cinnamon, peaches and almonds:

Summer Shape Up

Poured the oats, milk and yogurt into a mason jar:

Summer Shape UpSummer Shape Up

Added the flax seed, cinnamon, almonds and stirred it together:

Summer Shape Up

Added the peaches:

Summer Shape Up Summer Shape Up

Stirred it together again and topped it with more peaches + almonds and placed in the fridge over night:

Summer Shape Up

It left me full all morning! I love oatmeal and always struggled with eating it in the summer time since it’s so hot out. This is a perfect way for me to enjoy my oatmeal all year round πŸ™‚

For supper we made Balsamic Chicken with stuffed Mushrooms:

Summer Shape Up

All you do is put the raw chicken in a frying pan with a lot of Balsamic vinegar and cook it all the way through! Tyler and I food prepped for tomorrow’s lunch so we had some left over Quinoa for a side along with stuffed mushrooms.

Any time we can have stuffed mushrooms we do. There is something about them that we both love!

Like I mentioned earlier I am so stuffed from all the amazing food I had today. I can’t wait to share with you my Pear and Pineapple Green Smoothie and a mix between the Deconstructed Quinoa Burrito and the Lemony Spinach and Quinoa Bean Salad that I will have tomorrow.

Summer Shape Up has shown me so much about myself. I have always been huge into working out and eating healthy, but I always did the same thing day after day. I always ran or went on the elliptical and Tyler and I would make the same bland healthy food. But now I feel like I’m out of my comfort zone and loving every single bit of it. The workouts are making me sore the next day and the meal plans are making me excited for each meal. Not just to eat them (like I used to), but to create them into something so tasty!

I can’t thank Gina and Anne enough for putting this together and allowing me to step out of my box! πŸ™‚






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