Home Sweet Home: God’s Miracle


Home is where the heart is. This saying could not be more true for me.

Last night after work, I drove from Madison to Markesan to begin my family vacation! We are headed up north today near the Wolf River to spend the holiday weekend with some close family friends and attend a graduation party.

Before I get into that I need to tell you something that happened to me last night. I feel it was one of God’s many miracles in this life. Let me explain:

Markesan is a very small town, you literally could blink and miss it when driving through. There are only a few stop signs throughout the entire town and I was fortunate enough to stop at one of the only ones the exact same time my two best friends did!

Home Sweet Home

I haven’t seen either of these girls for a long time and I literally was texting both of them earlier this week trying to figure out the next time we would see each other. One of them had been texting me throughout the day about how she was having a hard time having a good attitude with everything that was going on in her life. I could tell she was struggling and wanted to be there for her to hug her and help her in any way I could. I prayed that God would show her the path to get her through life’s ups and downs.

As we both came upon that stop sign last night, I felt God’s miracle. He literally made our paths cross so that I could be there to give her a hug when she needed it the most. When we both pulled over she jumped out of her car and gave me the biggest hug I think she has ever given me. I have never seen her so excited to see me in her life!

Moments like these are the simple things in life.

You see even when it feels like the day is too hard and nothing will go right, God could bring you face to face at a stop sign with the person you need to see at that exact moment. How do you get there? How do you feel His miracles?

You pray, trust in Him and have patience that He will show you His path for you on his own timing.

Even though it was 9:00 p.m. last night at one of the only stop signs in Markesan, that was the exact moment that my friend needed the hug I prayed I could have given her all day!

God is truly amazing.

I feel so blessed this week as I prepare to head on vacation up north. Not only do I get to spend the rest of the week with my momma, Tyler and some close family friends out on the Wolf River, but I also get to see my college roommates and thee one and only Kenisha Kay, aka “The 303”.

The 303
Me, Alex and Katie

We all live on separate sides of the state while Alex is in Minnesota, but when we all get together it gets cray-cray! I’ll share more about these lovely ladies tomorrow for my Friday Dance!

I have a lot to be thankful for this week so I should make sure my dancing shoes are packed!

After completing my Summer Shape Up workout this morning my arms, glutes and thighs are already sore so boating on the Wolf River the next two days sounds pretty amazing! 🙂

I hope you all have a safe and fun fourth of July weekend. I would love to hear what you have planned for the holiday weekend!



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