Friday Dance: Another Glamorous Week

Friday Dance! I already completed three times through my dance, how about you?!

Every Friday there is more and more to dance about and be thankful for. Friday mornings are my favorite. Not only are they the last day of the work week, but they are my “me” time in the morning to truly reflect back on the wonderful things that have happened during the week.

1) Family Visits

My beautiful cousin is getting married in September so my angel of a mother took my grandma shoe shopping yesterday for the big day. They decided to come to Madison so my grandma could see my apartment and we could all spend a little time together! I knew they were coming, but had no idea this little peanut was with!

Friday DanceShe is so cute and I swear every time I see her she keeps getting bigger!

Friday Dance

Being and aunt is one of the greatest things in the world. The love for this little girl is unreal! I wish I didn’t live so far away so that I could see her more often, but when I do get to see her, I soak up every moment as much as possible!

My grandma was so happy she was able to see my new apartment! She always said she needed to make it here, but that it was too far away. This is why my mommasita is such an angel, she made sure it happened!


There was a wishing well at the restaurant we went to, so Haidyn of course needed to make a wish. (About six times!) The cutest thing ever was when grandma asked her what she wished for and Haidyn looked at her and said, “I can’t tell you or it won’t come true.” She is five, I just need to point that out!

This little girl acts so much older than she is! Every time I get to spend time with her she continues to remind me to just live life. The things she says and the actions she does makes me remember to dream big and go after what I want. She is so refreshing!

IMG_0101 IMG_0102

We ate at Benvenuto’s, an Italian restaurant with the best fresh bread ever! Tyler and I don’t eat out very much so this was a treat!IMG_0103

2) Co-workers That Care

I can not get over how amazing my co-workers are. One of the designers, my happy hour girl, went on vacation yesterday through next week so she brought in a little treat to thank everyone in advance for covering her projects while she is gone!

Friday Dance

First of all, the fact that she brought us something in to thank us was so sweet of her. This girl is always thinking of others, so positive and so much fun to be around. I’m so thankful my desk is right next to hers so I can see her sweet face every day! (I’m missing her right now!)

Now second of all, she is unbelievably thoughtful. Let me explain. I love when co-workers bring in treats, but it’s a bittersweet feeling. I try to avoid donuts as much as possible, not only because they are very unhealthy, but also because they upset my tummy very easily. (What doesn’t right?!) So when anyone brings in donuts I love it because they are so good, but hate it because I know I shouldn’t have any. She totally thought of me when making this purchase and also brought in fruit!!!

Seriously how sweet is that?! Everyone was happy. I just can’t handle how thoughtful and caring this lovely lady is and I could go on and on about her, but I think you get it! 🙂

3) Leftovers of the Month

Friday DanceWednesday I wrote about this week’s Summer Shape Up workout and meals and raved about the Chicken Enchiladas and Honey-Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes I had made on Tuesday night. Ohhh emmm geee.

It was so unbelievably amazing that the leftovers for Wednesday won the best leftovers of the month award.

I need to make this recipe again real soon!

4) Summer Shape Up

Friday DanceThis week I am especially thankful for Summer Shape Up because it is the last week! Not only have the wonderful Gina and Anne taught me different workouts and meal plans, but they have also pushed me out of my comfort zone. For the longest time I thought cardio was the most important thing in workouts, when in reality strength training does the job! And the meal plans have made me go from the same daily meals to trying very easy, healthy and delicious meals! (I think Tyler is happy for that!)

The challenge has also connected me with a community of bloggers and fitness fanatics that are sharing their experiences daily and I love reading about them all! As a blogger, it’s so rewarding to be connected with so many inspiring, creative and caring people. I really am going to miss when this challenge is over!

5) This week!

You know what, I’m thankful for this whole week and every second that made it complete.

Friday Dance

What are you thankful for this week? It’s so important for us to take the time to realize all the great things we have week-to-week! I like to dance about them to celebrate a great week completed!



I would love to hear what you are dancing about this week!!




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