Soak Up the Moments

Happy Monday-

How was your weekend??

Mine was wonderful as I ventured through the state to see so many amazing people that I haven’t seen in years.  Friday I headed to Mayville to spend some time with Tyler’s wonderful family. I was surprised with this little bundle of joy, our new brother.Mario, my new brother He is seriously the most precious kitten ever. I am a cat lover, while Tyler is not so much. But Mario is the perfect mixture of playful and cuddler that I think Tyler started to warm up to him.CuddlerI might steal him from the future in-laws next time I go home :)Saturday morning, I coached the Markesan Girls Varsity basketball team in Oshkosh. Compared to the other teams in the tournament, we were one of the smallest schools. The girls held their ground and played so well. They make it so fun to be back in the gym coaching. Oshkosh TournamentAfter many years of playing basketball, I wasn’t so sure I would want to coach and took about a year break from the game completely. Now after helping out this summer, I have realized how much I miss being able to share my passion of the game with others. The crazy part about being at this tournament was seeing some of my old coaches from when I attended the Ripon College camp back in like 5th grade! It was so nice to catch up with those that inspired me at a young age.
After the tournament I headed back to good ole Markesan to spend some time with my family and friends. The summer weekends always seem to be packed with so much to do, I was happy to have the rest of the weekend to relax and spend it with the people I love.My crazy friends decided to attend an ugly-tank-top fish fry that night. I think the best part of the evening was getting ready and seeing how hilarious our tank tops turned out.IMG_0119Ugly Tank Top Ugly Tank TopSunday was my favorite of all the days since I got to spend it with my family. Now that I live closer to home, I get to see everyone together more. My dad was finally home from many weeks on stay awayDaddy and Thunder my brother, Miranda and Haidyn came to swim in the poolFamily Lovin Family Lovin and one of my best friends came to lay by the pool and catch up!(We are still mad neither of us got a picture!! We both had so much to tell the other that it completely slipped our minds!)I am so thankful for this weekend. I was able to see loved ones, catch up with old friends and reminisce about child hood times. You know, I remember one day back when I was in 6th grade. My dad picked me up from school and asked how my day went. I remember looking at him with a very serious face and said, “Dad, why do the days seem to go by so fast now that I am getting older?!” He laughed and told me to soak it up now because the days will only go faster and faster the older I get. He couldn’t have been more right.When I get weekends like this past one, I try to soak up every minute of it because I know it goes by way to fast!Have a wonderful start to your week everyone!MarieannaWhat did you do this weekend?


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