Friday Dance: Words of Wisdom

Happy Friday. Can we all take a quick moment and talk about how quickly this week flew by?

I’m going to be very honest here for a moment and tell you that this week was a hard one for me. I have transitioned into a new position at work and am struggling with the fact that I am starting over and have so much to learn yet. I am a perfectionist so I feel that I should be just as good as the copywriters that have been there for years. Tyler also was on vacation ALL week, so not having him around really threw me off a bit.

But as always, even through the bad times there is always something good to appreciate which is why Friday Dances are so important to me!

Fridays are my days to showcase the things I am thankful for from the week. Instead of starting my weekend with negative feelings, I like to take time in the morning to remember all the amazing moments I was blessed with during the week.

Even though I felt knocked down a few times this week, I always had someone there to pick me back up and that’s why I’m dancing this morning!

1) Tyler’s Words of Wisdom

IMG_9780I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. As I was going through some hard times this week at work, this handsome man was right there to pick me up, even though he was on vacation! I don’t know what it is, but he seems to always know exactly what to say right when I need it. He continues to remind me that work is such a small part of this amazing life we have together and I know he couldn’t be more right. I am so blessed to have someone who understands me and deals with my emotions when they get all girly! I’m so excited to spend the weekend with this stud and celebrate his birthday! 🙂

2) Coworker’s that care

This is the second week in a row that I have had a coworker make such a difference in my week. She could see that I was struggling with my new position and made me the sweetest card ever. It literally brought tears to my eyes!

IMG_1088Friday Dance

Seeing her use the words I have written on this blog made all the difference. It means so much to me that she reads my posts and even more to see her use those words in her life to help others. It’s a bit ironic that the person she helped was me! 🙂 This card will stay on my desk for a long time!

3) Cold Stone Frozen Yogurt

My best friend at work and I share a very unique bond. We both celebrated our 1-year anniversary this week and figured what better way than to get Cold Stone and reminisce about our year.

Friday DanceI got the cake batter frozen yogurt with raspberries. It was absolutely amazing! We sat and talked about everything we have gone through in the past year and how blessed we are to have met each other. I feel like she is my other half and honestly we are so similar that it’s a bit scary! I don’t know what I would do without this girl!

5) Potbelly Sandwich Works

Friday DanceOkay I feel like I have been neglecting Potbellys. I used to be a weekly customer, but haven’t made an appearance for two weeks!! That was until last night. 🙂 Tyler and I had a little date night, yup I took him to Potbellys for our date, romantic I know. I forgot how hot and amazing their subs are which puts them in this week’s dance!

6) Nevada Bob’s Golf


For Tyler’s birthday I got him a golf club, which girls if your significant other golfs, do not try to surprise him with a golf club. A man’s golf club is a very delicate item and they need to swing it and feel it out before purchasing it! So, I took Tyler to Nevada Bob’s Golf to swing a few golf clubs for himself and return the one I originally got for him. The golf pro was absolutely amazing and we actually ended up buying two used golf clubs for the price of the original one I had. They also gave us $20 off and a gift card with our purchase. I was so happy with how they handled our situation and give them 5 stars!

All I know is next time either Tyler or I am looking for anything related to golf, Nevada Bob’s Golf has our business! 🙂

7) Seeing this little guy

Friday Dance

I’m jumping for joy over here as I get to see this little bundle of joy later tonight!! I am so excited! I haven’t seen him since last Friday! Tyler may have to fight to get me to celebrate his birthday tonight since I may be curled up on the couch with this little one!

There’s my dance. We all have good and bad moments, days and weeks, but there is always a bright side to look at. Even though I do this on Fridays, I do still need to be reminded to keep my head up and keep pushing through. So those are my words of wisdom for you today, let’s keep our chins up today and keep pushing through while appreciating the good things we have!

Happy Friday!





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