Port Washington Fish Days – Some Birthday Fun

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was incredible like always as I got to celebrate Tyler’s 24th birthday in beautiful Port Washington.

Fish Days

You know, before I share an entire photo album with you I want to express my favorite thing about blogging. I love to journal about my experiences because it helps me remember all of the good times I share with my loved ones. Looking back at my childhood there are things my mom talks about that I wish I could remember, but I don’t. I just have an awful memory! Healthy Desires gives me the chance to share some of my favorite moments in a place that I can always come back to if I need a refresher.

My future self will be happy I wrote this post! I had such a fun and amazing weekend. Be prepared for a photo gallery released throughout this post today 🙂

Since it was Tyler’s birthday weekend I took a half day on Friday to start the adventure early! It was my first time golfing 18 holes since I broke my wrist in February so lets just say I was a little rusty, but the day couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Tyler's Birthday

Tyler  had been out golfing already five times during his off week so he was a pro.

Tyler's Birthday Weekend

We played best ball the last 9 holes and of course Tyler and I won. 🙂 We decided this was the start to our new career together, couples best ball tournaments!

Saturday, we went to the 50th Annual Port Washington Fish Days.

It is the world’s largest one day outdoor fish fry and let me tell you it is just that. If you have never been to Port Washington you must plan your next vacation there. It is the cutest little boat town right on Lake Michigan. If I could move anywhere in Wisconsin, this is where I would go.

Fish Days

The water is so clear, blue and beautiful. I could get used to waking up to this view every morning.

Port Washington

Fish Days is one of my favorite things about summer. It literally is the largest and greatest one day outdoor fish fry and the biggest carnival I have ever been to. From deep fried fish to caramel popcorn, corn on the cobb to cream puffs, rides to live music, they have everything you could possibly think of!

One of my favorite parts each year are the craft tents. It’s so intriguing to see all of the incredible and innovative crafts that entrepreneurs come up with from year to year!

Fish Days

Fish Days

But I must say, my all-time-favorite part of the day was the half a mile trek to the lighthouse.

Fish Days

The walk was unreal! It was a cautious walk, but beyond amazing. The path was not safe by any means, but that’s what made it so incredible. For the first quarter of a mile there was a wall to our right with a rope that we could hang onto.

Fish Days

Then the wall completely stopped and the path turned into a bunch of uneven rocks.

Fish Days

Which then turned into a very narrow path.

Fish Days

This part was a little scary for me since there were a lot of tourists taking the hike to the lighthouse. On our left there were big rocks and to our right you could see fish and all sorts of lake animals swimming around, I definitely didn’t want to join any of them. But once I got going, I gained my balance and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful hike.

Fish Days

It was incredible once we made it to the foundation of the lighthouse. I loved feeling like we were in the middle of the water and away from the hustle, bustle of the carnival. It was such a refreshing experience and it seemed like the lake went on forever.

Fish Days

It was breathtaking. Tyler’s amazing parents also made the journey with us. 🙂

Fish Days

After taking pictures and soaking up the moment we headed another half a mile back to land where we spent the rest of the evening listening to bands and shooting the shit. It was such a perfect day for the big boy’s birthday and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way!

This fun, beautiful experience made me truly appreciate the beauty of this world. I wish I could spend every weekend in the beautiful Port Washington!

Have a wonderful start to your week.



Question for the day:

-Have you ever been to Port Washington’s Fish Days?



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