Moment + Momentum = Miracle

“When you understand the power we have to choose how a moment will affect us, we can then begin to define the moment instead of the moment defining us.” – Keith Craft, Your Divine Fingerprint.

Did you know that we can make any moment into a miracle? No we aren’t God and we can’t split the Red Sea, but we can determine how a moment defines who we are, how we act to it and it’s momentum in our life.

Moment + Momentum = Miracle

“Not all moments are wonderful things, but every moment can be a super-natural event, because regardless of the construction of a moment, or the cause of a thing, every person has the power to choose how a moment is defined.” – Keith Craft, Your Divine Fingerprint.

Have you ever had a time when something bad has happened in your life and your reaction made it even worse? Or what about a time when you reacted well to the situation and the outcome didn’t end up being too bad? It’s crazy how our minds can change everything.

As Craft explains, when we take natural moments, negative or positive, and use them to create positive momentum, the moment becomes a super-natural moment β€” a miracle.

Moment + Momentum = Miracle

There are a few moments in my life that I have considered miracles, life-changing events!Β  I can still remember exactly where I was and how I felt during these moments. One miracle in my life I would like to share with you is when I was a sophomore in college. At the beginning of every school year, my basketball coach would have the team over for a fire.

Flashback! A few of the girls from the team that year!

It was used as a bonding experience with the new players and to hear what everyone did over the summer. Each of us were told to bring a special something to the fire to show a little piece of who we are to the team. Out of 15 girls, there were at least six that brought something related to their faith to share with the team. It was such an incredible feeling as I heard so many of my close friends talk about their love for God and how he has touched their lives.

Flashback! Some teammates from sophomore year!

For me, that was a miracle moment because I was coming out of a very low time in my faith, and these girls helped pick me back up. From that day on, daily devotionals became a norm in my morning rituals and God was my center piece to every situation. Now don’t get me wrong, I would say my sophomore year of school was one of my hardest. I still had to really focus on having my mind right when negative moments came up, but I battled through it.

I chose to learn from my bad experiences, I created momentum because I chose to grow!

Now, there were 15 other girls sitting around that campfire, and not one of them may define that moment as a miracle in their life, but I did because it changed my faith that day and I grew closer to God. We are all unique. We all have unique stories and unique experiences. But, as Kraft says, those stories and experiences aren’t what make us unique. It is WHO YOU ARE that makes you unique.

There are three things I challenge you to today.

1) Go buy “Your Divine Fingerprint” by Keith Craft. I have read and reflected only up to page 8 and I already feel like I am on a better track to setting my mind right and realizing how unique I truly am.

Photo from
Photo from

2) Create positive momentum in every moment that occurs to you today. Really focus your thoughts on how you can make something positive come out of the situations that knock you down. Try it, just for today, and before you go to bed tonight reflect on how your mindset changed the outcomes of the situations that hit you during the day. Watch as you make miracles happen!

Moment + Momentum = Miracle

3) Then wake up tomorrow and repeat step 2! Start every morning with Step 2 in mind. Create that positive momentum in your life!



Question for the day:

  • Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life? I would love to hear of that life-changing event!
  • How can you place positive momentum in your life?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. hey Marieanna, great post! Inspiring. As much as I write about Momentum, it’s so nice to see others feel the same Joy when they discover how they can really build their own strength, and power, and start believing in themselves. thanks for spreading some more great positive stuff, YOU are UNIQUE – so keep rockin’ the message!

    1. Marieanna says:

      Thank you for the kind words Mike! Isn’t it crazy how much strength and power our own thoughts can give us? Thanks for reading and for the words of encouragement. We are all unique, how great is that?? πŸ™‚

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