Words Of Wisdom from a Man


I am a typical woman.

I over analyze absolutely everything. I worry about the small stuff. I’m a perfectionist. I stress. I cry. I want to achieve my dreams right now. I have high expectations and I love to love.

Tyler is a man, but I wouldn’t say he is a typical man.

Yes, he loves his sports and watches way too much TV. He golfs more than he should! He achieves the typical “nothing” response when asked what he’s thinking about. (Woman did you know men really can think of nothing?! They see a blank page, just white in their head sometimes?! It all makes sense now.) But when I’m going on a tangent about my day, stressing or anxious, he listens (<– not typical).

I always thought Tyler tuned me out when I would whine to him because most of his responses are along the lines of, “You’ll be fine. I promise. Just know that I love you.”

But the day I found out that my Tyler is full of wisdom was Tuesday, when he opened his book of knowledge to me, aka, his bank of movie quotes.

I have a very strong passion for health and wellness and have wanted to follow my dream for such a long time. As I was talking through my plans with him I expressed how scared I was to jump into the unknown. Tyler who was laying on the floor with his head in a pillow, nonchalently said, “Marieanna, this reminds me of what Morgan Freeman says in Evan Almighty. ‘Does God give you courage? No. He gives you opportunities to be courageous.'”

I literally sat there shocked. Not only was Tyler listening to me being a whiny girl, but he came back with some of the best advice I have ever heard. Even if it was from a movie.

Those words of wisdom have been with me all week. He couldn’t have been more right. God doesn’t give us courage. He gives us opportunities, moments in our lives to be courageous. It’s up to us how we handle them.

Thank you Tyler! This is why I keep you around. 🙂

Use this Thursday to take opportunities and moments to be courageous and do the things you love, after all, that is what life is all about.











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