I’m Marrying My Best Friend!!

I am getting married!!


I still can’t believe this unreal feeling I have right now! I’m actually shaking as I am typing this post and rethinking of the amazing birthday weekend I just experienced. Tyler is my other half, my best friend. I honestly don’t know if I could function without him. He makes me smile every single day and keeps me grounded when I need to be. He has taught me how to live and the importance of life. He has has shown me how to love and what it feels like to be loved. I still get the butterflies every time I kiss him and my heart flutters when he steps into the room. And now, I get to marry this amazing man. Eeeeeeeeeekkkkk I feel like I’m in a dream!

Our Love Box

Two years ago, I met Tyler at the Madison Mallards where we both interned. It wasn’t until my birthday weekend that we both realized there were sparks there and we haven’t looked back since! Here is a little side story to the proposal! Two years ago, we started something that I absolutely love! Every anniversary we write each other a letter about our love for each other and some of the fun things that have happened throughout the year. We seal the letters and put them in a box to be opened and read on our next anniversary. Then that year, we put in another letter to be read the following year so that in 40 years we have 40 different letters that we can look back at and watch how much our love and life has grown together! Well last year, Tyler didn’t write his letter and he still hasn’t written it, so it has kind of been a joke between us for the past year!

The Proposal

Friday started off like any other day. We went to work and planned on driving separate to my parents house to start the birthday festivities right away! Tyler was pretty MIA throughout the afternoon and I may or may not have thrown him under the bus to my parents a few times 🙂 I kept saying, “It’s funny, whenever we go to Mayville he is always done with work around 1:00, but when we come to Markesan for the weekend he works until 5:30!” I had no idea what was about to happen!

My parents, aunt and I were sitting on the deck when all of a sudden Tyler came around the corner with a baby kitty and a bow around her neck! I freaked out since I love cats and have wanted one for so long! Tyler does not like cats, so the fact that he got one for me for my birthday was so precious!! I ran to him and gave him the biggest hug of my life as I was so unbelievably happy with this new addition to our family! As I kept trying to take her from him, Tyler continued to pull her away and got extremely close to me as he started to explain his love for me. I began to cry with the kind words he was saying and wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.

He started the amazing moment off with, “Babe, two years ago, I didn’t know what love was until I met you. I know you have been on me for not writing my letter to you a year ago, so let me tell you how I feel in words.”

I melted. At that point I knew exactly what was going on and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I can still remember my legs and hands shaking. The moment Tyler got down on one knee and asked me to marry him was the happiest, most exciting moment of my entire life!

The Proposal

As he held our new baby kitty, I noticed the ring around her collar, which totally explains why he wouldn’t let me hold her! I of course said “Yesssssss” with tears in my eyes and butterflies in my heart!

Meet Millie, our new baby.


Engaged!!Eeeeekkkkkk I’m getting married!!!! I am so honored, blessed and unbelievably happy to call Tyler my fiance, and one day my husband! We celebrated all weekend long and started it off with some champagne!

Engaged!!(My cork went further!)

I would have to say I was absolutely, one hundred percent surprised by Tyler’s proposal, if you couldn’t tell by my running apparel! But the fact that I was so surprised made it even more special for me. Every time I would bring up marriage and when he thought we would settle in he would come back with, “don’t worry about it! When it happens it happens.” After a while of this same response I stopped asking and assumed it would be in a few years. Ladies, if I could give any advice it would be this, let him surprise you because the day that he does is the best day of your life!

Engaged!!(Don’t mind my “look” I just got back from a run and was not prepared for this amazing moment in my life!)

Engaged!!My new family!


I just want to go back to this weekend!! I’m so blessed with such an amazing man and family who loves me and helped this moment become one of my all time favorite!!! The weekend was spent celebrating with family and friends as Tyler and I began the rest of our lives together!!

I get to marry my best friend!!!! Ahhhhhhh!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh and p.s. Tyler is in love with Millie. I think cats are wearing off on him! 🙂





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