Friday Dance: I’m in a Dream

This week has been unlike any other! I seriously still feel like I’m in a dream from the proposal last Friday! All week I have been wanting to write about nothing other than that amazing moment, but I figured you would all get sick of hearing about it so I kept my distance from blogging the last few days and enjoyed every moment with my new fiance! πŸ™‚

This Friday I don’t even know where to begin with my Friday Dance! I’m so thankful for everything that has been happening that I think I should do a full choreographed dance vs. my typical fist pumps and circle jumps! For those of you new to my Friday dance, I believe it is so important to take some time at the end of the week to reflect on all of the good things happening in your life. Sometimes the stress at work can bring you down, but when you reflect on all that you are thankful for it overcomes the stress! πŸ™‚ After I reflect on my week, I like to give a little dance in celebration of the many blessings in my life!

Here is what I’m dancing about this week:

1) My new fiance, Milli and the bling-bling!

Bling Bling

Tyler did such an amazing job! I had no say in when, how or what ring he got for me and I’m so happy it was that way. I had absolutely no idea that Friday was the day when I finally get to call my best friend my fiance. I actually was thinking it would happen in a few years! The way he proposed, especially without me having any clue it was coming, made it even more special for me! And the ring is absolutely gorgeous! It’s nothing like what I have pinned on my Pinterest board, because it’s better than anything I ever dreamed about! πŸ™‚

My new baby Millie is so precious! She is actually helping me type this post as we speak!


I like to call her my little cat dog because she fetches balls, greets us at the door and wants to play ALL the time! I’m so in love with her that it makes it hard to be at work! I just want to come home and play with her all day long!


And I can’t forget about my handsome fiance. I love our little beautiful family! πŸ™‚ Ahhhh I’m in a dream!

Friday Dance!

2) My Family

Friday Dance!For the past two years, Tyler’s family has always treated me like the daughter they never had. I am honestly so blessed to have my parents and now Tyler’s parents to help us get through life. Especially through the wedding planning!

Look at these handsome men! I am so honored to be able to call Tyler’s brothers and father my family!

Friday Dance

As we celebrated the new bling-bling, my camera got passed around a few times! It was so much fun looking through all of the candid shots of my new family! πŸ™‚



Friday DanceΒ  Friday Dance

Cheers! A toast was made for the new engagement and the celebration of my brother and my birthday! (Yup, we were born on the same day, three years apart. He always says I find a way to make our birthday parties all about me! πŸ™‚ I just love him!)

Friday Dance

3) Dinner and Drinks

When everyone at work found out about my engagement, no work was going to get done! Sometimes I feel bad for my boss! We have so many young women at work that are getting engaged, married, having babies or buying houses that there is always a pow-wow going on about the next baby name or the big home improvement project! My family at made this special moment for me so exciting!

A few of us even went for some drinks last night to chat and celebrate! I always love going out after work!

Friday Dance

We went to the cutest little patio! They had fire pits in the middle of a table and a great band entertaining the crowd! It was the perfect way to finish off the work day!

Friday Dance

That’s what I’m dancing about this week! This has definitely been my most fun and crazy Friday Dance since the beginning of Healthy Desires. Getting engaged is a highlight in my life! Not only is it amazing knowing I get to marry my best friend, but it was so unreal seeing all my family, friends and coworkers react with the great news! This moment in my life showed me all the love that surrounds me and all the support Tyler and I have in anything we do! πŸ™‚

What are you dancing about this week! I would love to hear!




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