The Roots of a Tree

The roots of a tree are like your Belief System.


Wait what? I know I’m writing this early in the morning, but yes I meant to say, roots of a tree are like your Belief System.

What do I mean by that exactly?

I am currently reading “Your Divine Fingerprint” by Keith Craft and am so in love with this life-changing book. Not only does it show you how much God’s love is for us, but it shows you how to really use your uniqueness to make a different in this world. Last night when I was reading, I came across this section about our beliefs and how important they are in our life.

Your beliefs are powerful.

“What you believe is more important than what anyone will ever tell you,” Keith Craft wrote in “Your Divine Fingerprint.”

“What you believe about life, relationships, money, food, love, sex, exercise, food, pets, God, politics, business, heaven and hell, the economy, and last but not least, YOURSELF will drive all your behaviors and the actions you take.”

Wow. Those two sentences really hit home for me. I hear it all the time how our thoughts and beliefs can change your actions every day.

Keith Craft relates our beliefs like the roots of a tree, the deeper they go, the higher the tree potentially grows.

If you were asked, “What is the most important part of a tree?” Craft says the answer should always be “The roots!”

Your beliefs are like the roots of a tree, and they become the cause for success or failure in your life. -Keith Craft

Here are the three ways that Craft says roots of a tree are like your Belief System:

  • You cannot see them, but they determine what you do see.
  • How deep the roots go determine how high the tree grows.
  • The roots never stop growing.

Don’t give yourself an excuse for failure. Take action on your beliefs and watch your roots grow and your life change!

I love this book! I have to force myself to set it down so I can soak up little sections in it like the power of your belief. I hope “The Roots of a Tree” made you realize how powerful your thoughts and beliefs are in life like it did for me! We all have big decisions to make in life, by having good beliefs and a strong rooted foundation, nothing can stop you! This is your unstoppable force! 🙂

Happy Thursday!




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  1. inspiring and insightful. thanks for the great positive reminder that Believing is Seeing. (maybe early in the am is the best time to write?…)

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