Friday Dance: Thank You to my Support System

It’s Friday…….finally!!

The week has flown by, yet I feel it was a very emotional draining week. This weekend is very much needed. After work today, Tyler and I are heading to Wisconsin Dells to join my college roommates and our second family for “family camping”.

This is my favorite time of the year and I think because I have wanted to join them all week long, it has made the week go extremely long! Mostly everyone has been there since last Sunday so it’s been a hard week trying to work while they are playing. 🙂 I think both Tyler and I are ready to sit in the sun and win some family Olympic challenges tomorrow! I just can not wait.

This week, my Friday Dance is a little different. Instead of listing out all the products and things that I’m thankful for, I’m solely dancing for my support system today. They are my rock and shield and remind me of the many blessings God places in my life on a daily basis.

Friday Dance Friday Dance

Friday DanceIMG_1441 IMG_1633 IMG_9943 IMG_0574 IMG_0889 Raggedy Anne

Sometimes life can really give you a ride. And I feel this week, my life has been a roller coaster of emotions and decisions. It’s normal right? It’s part of growing up. (I wish I was still 10 years old might I add!)

But it’s when you go through hard decisions in life that you start to see how much support you have backing you up no matter what the outcome ends up being. This week I’m dancing for my daddy, my mommasita, Tyler, my future in-laws (I love saying that!), my family and friends. For those that have made me smile, laugh and forget about the future for just a second. They have all made me realize that life is about happiness and about going after your dream. I always knew I have a lot of people that care and want the best for me, but this week, I truly feel unbelievably blessed for everyone that has held my hand through this journey and opportunity!

I feel so loved and encouraged to do the things that God has put me on this earth to do. I hope my Friday Dance today can show you that we all have a support system. And sometimes we do have to go through hard decisions or times to truly see our support system in action, but they are there and always will be!

That is what I’m thankful for. I feel so blessed for the people God has placed in my life. Having such an amazing support system is more important than anything else that has happened to me this week and I can’t thank them enough.

So today, my Friday Dance is a large thank you to my loving, caring and amazing support system.

God is Good!

Happy Friday!



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