God Does the Impossible – Career Changer

I did something really big yesterday – I Quit My Job!

It was the most nerve-racking, crazy, risky think I have ever done in my entire life. Honestly, it was the hardest decision I had to make in my 23 years of living. Yet, I am so unbelievably happy!

I loved my job! I loved the people I worked with and to be able to write everyday.

But I had an opportunity to do what I have always dreamed of doing – helping others and making a difference in their lives. The opportunity to become a golf and basketball coach at a small division 3 college in Wisconsin literally landed in my lap.

I began to really miss basketball this past year and for the last four months have been driving back home to help out with my hometown basketball team. I loved every single second of it. My high school coach could see the passion in my eyes and asked if I would ever be interested in coaching at the college level. I laughed at the thought. Of course I would love to coach, but how and where would I ever have the opportunity. Plus I loved my job and living in Madison. The thought just didn’t seem realistic.

When he told me that a few coaches had contacted him about possible coaches names, I didn’t realize what it would lead to. There was no way that Tyler and I could afford to take a pay cut, move and plan a wedding all within months. But when the head Women’s Basketball coach at Marian University called me and expressed his desire to have me join the staff, everything changed. It was real life. This could really happen. The more I prayed, the more it weighed on my heart that this opportunity is all a part of my path God already has planned for me.

Even though I loved the people I worked with and to write every day, I didn’t like being behind a desk and feeling that all forms of communication were through email. I have always loved health and wellness and wanted to do some personal training on the side to truly feel like I was making a difference in others lives. And then, this opportunity comes into my life and it felt like God was answering so many of my prayers from the last year all within a week. When I was in college, I had an assistant coach who completely changed my life. Since then, I have always wanted to pay it forward and be there for athletes through ups and downs of a college season. This was my chance.

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. One day I was committed to taking the new position, the next day I couldn’t leave my pay and benefits I was currently getting. Then Sunday night I read this:

“It’s our job to believe. It’s God’s job to do the impossible.”

I couldn’t believe that I was worrying, anxious and stressed about such an amazing opportunity that God has placed into my life. I was worrying about all the obstacles in the way and stressing myself out to the max instead of believing. Instead of letting God take care of the rest!

Yesterday, I walked into work and knew what I had to do. Tyler, my family and friends were supporting me through this entire decision, no matter which one I made. I heard so many times that whatever decision I made was the RIGHT one.

I was continuously told to follow my gut and heart, yet I didn’t know what it was telling me. All because I let fear get in the way of faith. Once I believed, I knew exactly what my heart was telling me.

I have to tell you, that is is beyond empowering to make such a huge leap of faith. I took a risk and crossed my comfort zone line. And I’m not looking back!! I’m so excited for this new adventure and to what the future will hold! I am so blessed for what God continuously is doing in my life and within my heart. All praise goes to Him for the changes He places in my life and the gifts He blesses me with.

I pray that I can be a coach to these young girls that I was so thankful to have my entire life. If you are facing a situation like this where you need to decide between two jobs or are at a fork in the road, remember, the opposite of fear is faith. Have faith and believe. It is our job to believe. It’s God’s job to do the impossible!

One of the scariest things in life is stepping outside of your comfort zone. From leaving a career you go to school for into a career of the unknown. But it makes it so exciting. I couldn’t have made this jump without God, Tyler, my parents, family and friends. I love you all. You have made this dream become a reality!

I am so proud and happy to say, I have joined the coaching staff at Marian University as the Women’s Golf and Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach!!!!!!! Let’s go Sabres!marian




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