Do The Friday Dance – Many Blessings

This week was absolutely crazy! Can anyone agree with me on that?!

This Friday, I’m dancing because I’m so thankful for the many blessings God places in my life. I’m dancing because you have to take time to appreciate all your blessings to even realize all that you have. I’m dancing because life is good and God does the impossible!

Here’s what I’m dancing for this week: (warning, if you have read any of my posts this week, you may start to get disgusted with all the “love” posts! But I’m newly engaged and love LOVE! So it’s going to last for a little bit more. My apologies! 🙂 )

1) Our Love Story

Friday Dance

The post I had written yesterday was by far my favorite. Not because I think my writing is really good (because let’s be real that is far from the case), but because I was able to take some time to go through old pictures on our two year anniversary that reminded me of all Tyler and I have been through and how much our love has grown!

Last year, I came up with this idea (inspired by a mixture of ABC’s “How I Met Your Mother” and my 6th grade time capsule box) to write each other a letter every anniversary, tape it shut and place it in our own time capsule box to be opened the next year. Well, last year I was the only one to actually write the letter. Tyler used The Proposal as his letter! 🙂 Which was absolutely perfect, but I made sure to remind him this year to write his letter!

Friday DanceMy letter as well as a lot of love notes throughout the years were in the box from last year. As we put this years letters into the box, Tyler took out last years to read!

Friday DanceI snuck a sneaky shot of him reading it! hehe. It’s crazy because in that letter, I talk about how I can’t wait to marry my best friend and now this year I will be! It’s crazy all that happens in a year and the love that continues to grow.

2) Our Anniversary Date Night

Friday DanceOur date night was absolutely perfect! And for anyone who is looking for a good date night, you should definitely do this! Madison has one of my favorite mini golf courses in the area, Vitense Golfland. It’s a little older, but so much fun! Just about every hole has some sort of slide or fun activity to mess around on. It was perfect for two twenty-something-year olds to act like children! 🙂

Friday Dance Friday DanceEvery hole has some sort of water obstacle that is basically impossible to miss! And you better believe that Tyler and I made sure the other one was counting ever correct water ball stroke!

Friday DanceFriday DanceIMG_1457Friday DanceIt was such a blast and probably one of my favorite dates we have been on! I of course won the first round.

Friday DanceAnd I think Tyler cheated on the score for the second nine!

IMG_1473After mini golf we decided to stay in the tradition and go out to eat at UNO’s, where we went for our very first date.

IMG_1480It was the most beautiful night and absolutely perfect as there was music on the patio and no humidity in the air.

Friday DanceThis kid was SO AMAZING!!!! I wish I would have gotten his name, because I would love to buy one of his CDs. He was absolutely talented and had a pretty good following that came to listen to him play every Thursday night!

3) Baby Millie

IMG_1446I’m falling in love with this baby girl more and more every day!

IMG_1447Even though she is a little diva at night time and wakes me up EVERY night to play. I love her to death. She is my little cat-dog. She is absolutely perfect!

4) My support system

Last Friday, my entire Friday Dance was thanking my support system although I didn’t really mention why. Well this Monday, I quit my job to follow my dream and that’s what my support system was helping me get through. I am going from a very comfortable safe marketing desk job, to the next Head Women’s Golf and Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at Marian University. This was a huge life changing decision and such a hard one to make. When I put in my two weeks on Monday, my coworkers were so unbelievably sweet to me and made me realize how blessed I was to have this past year to have gotten to know all of them!

I’m so sad that this new job will make us have to move from Madison, the city I have grown to love so much, but I know we will be back one day and I’m so excited for what the future has to hold!

That’s what I’m dancing for this week!

What are you thankful for!?

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