Bittersweet Friday Dance – Cheers to New Beginnings

Today is a bittersweet day. I’m doing a bigger than big Friday Dance this morning because today is my last day at my current job – a place that I have made long-lasting relationships and so many close friends. A place where I gained so much knowledge and experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life. A place that for the past year has been all I have known.

I’m so excited to be leaving to start my dream in coaching, yet sad to leave the many great people that have made a lasting impact in my life. It’s crazy how so many people can touch your heart in an instant.

A dear friend of mine at work gave me the sweetest going away present I have ever received. Her card alone really made me realize the impact that we all have in each others lives. She knows I love inspirational books and try to give a positive view  in life, but it gets hard when you hit challenges. When I had told her about my opportunity to be a coach, she was right there telling me I needed to follow my dreams and to forget about all the other what ifs. It was now or never! I’m so blessed for her caring, go get’m attitude!

Along with the tear-jerking card, she got me three books that I am beyond excited to start reading!

Keep Believing in Yourself and Your Dreams

Friday Dance

The Book of Awakening by Nepo

Friday Dance

Bible Promise Book for Women

Friday Dance


She had mentioned that the first two were given to her when she was going through some challenges in her life and they helped her get through them all. It’s so amazing to see the pay-it-forward in action! The third book she just knew I would love since I always talk about my love for God. She had me in tears, happy tears of course with her thoughtfulness and love. I’m sure there will be more tears today, bring on the waterproof mascara! 🙂

This entire week has been something else. To be honest, if you have ever put in your two weeks you know what I’m talking about, the week has been soooooo slow. But the love I have felt from so many has honestly touched my heart. Sometimes, you don’t realize the love you have in your life because it’s the norm, you are surrounded with it every day. But when you walk away from that norm, that’s when you truly realize how blessed you are. And that’s how I feel today.

Today I’m dancing for my coworkers and the life-long friends I have made! I’m dancing for the experience and challenges I have faced at work that has made me stronger. I’m dancing for my new adventure and the exciting journey that lies before me. But most importantly, I’m dancing for myself, because I did something really huge, I went after my dreams. I jumped from the comfort of my Monday through Friday job into a fun yet scary career of coaching. And I couldn’t be more excited.

The spring in my step can not be missed today! 🙂 God is good all the time, all the time God is good!!

Here is a tribute to the memories and people I will take with me on my new journey:


Friday Dance

Friday Dance

Friday DanceThank you IW for the memories, the fun and all the laughs! I love you all! 🙂




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