Baltimore Day 1 – Proud To Be An American

Happy Monday!!!

I’m writing today from the beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland! I’m at a Women’s Leadership Conference with my beautiful mommasita and beyond excited to hear and learn from this year’s keynote speakers. (More on that this week πŸ™‚ )


We left early Sunday morning to fly out and have all day Sunday to explore. I was excited to fly out, but sad to leave these precious babies!

BaltimoreWhenever we go home to Tyler’s parents house, we always bring Millie along so she can play with their cat, Mario.

BaltimoreHe takes such good care of her! We said our goodbyes and headed to the airport at around 3:00 am and arrived in Baltimore by 9:00 am, leaving plenty of time for activities! πŸ™‚

I am a hugeeeeeee history buff. And by history buff I mean that I love looking at historical buildings/objects and learning about how life was back in the day. I feel like the older I get the more I can appreciate it. Our hotel is right by the harbor so we decided to head over and check out the historical battleships that were restored in the harbor!

Dad, this post is for you. I felt like you would have loved it!!


BaltimoreThe USS Constellation was the first ship we toured. I thought at first we would get to walk through a museum and walk on the deck of the ship, but the museum turned out to be every level and room of the ship. It was absolutely amazing to see how our U.S. Navy used to live, eat, sleep and fight for our country.

BaltimoreThe first thing I couldn’t believe were how many ropes this ship had! Men would even have to climb the black ladder like ropes to get to the little decks up top. I couldn’t even imagine!IMG_1648Throughout the ship there were little white plaques with numbers and sound waves on them. We had little audio phones that we could enter the number into and listen about the importance of this part of the ship and what the men did in this particular spot.

IMG_1642It was so awesome to see the actual wheel of a big battle ship like this!

BaltimoreAs we continued our tour, I began to get the goosebumps. Level two was the gun deck. There were 14 cannons set up within feet of each other. All I could imagine were men in the middle of a battle working these cannons. The sound, the kick back, the splinters coming at them. I have so much respect for our U.S. Navy and all the men and women fighting for our country.

My Grandpa fought in the Navy during WWII. One of his main roles were the guns and cannons. My parents told me he never would talk about his experiences much so being in this ship made me feel connected to him.

BaltimoreEven though I know ships are all different, I felt like I was learning a little about what his life was like on the ship. And that was what made this experience so unbelievable special for me.

BaltimoreTowards the back of the guns deck was the medical room. The two surgeons on board took care of all the diseases and battle wounds with limited supplies. It gave me the shivers reading about how these men amputated limbs and stitched up wounds.

Level three was the berthing room. I can’t explain how hot and stuffy this room was. Now, imagine hundreds of men on the ship at a time! The front of the ship had the captains cabin with a big table, a small kitchen, a washroom, desk and bedroom.The middle of the ship is where the men slept.

BaltimoreIn Hammocks!!! I honestly couldn’t believe this. Hammocks upon hammocks hung from the ceiling. This is also where the men ate during the day. Towards the back of the ship were all of the officers rooms. Compared to how we sleep, these rooms were not spectacular in any way, but they were prestigious compared to the hammocks the rest of the men had to sleep in.

I could go on and on about this ship, but I have one more to share with you! The submarine that ended Pearl Harbor, USS Torsk.

BaltimoreI have never been inside of a submarine and couldn’t believe how small the inside of it really is. This ship boarded about 80 men.

The first room we were in was the torpedo room.

BaltimoreThis room also slept about 10 to 15 men. Could you imagine sleeping next to torpedoes!?

BaltimoreFrom the torpedo room we went into the control room. There were buttons upon buttons and levers upon levers. Kudos to the men that understand this all! πŸ™‚ From here you walked into the berthing room.

BaltimoreI felt so claustrophobic inside of the submarine, I honestly don’t know how the men slept in here! You can kind of see the small door towards the back of the room. These are the doors you have to crawl through to get from room to room!

From here we crawled into the kitchen/eating/entertainment room. They had a radio, small screen for movies and a jukebox!

BaltimoreAs you continued down the sub there were more control rooms and fresh water distillers for the men to have fresh water. Towards the back of the submarine were more torpedoes and sleepers. I couldn’t believe how the men maneuvered through the small doors and small rooms!

I feel so blessed to have experienced walking through both of these battleships! I am so proud to be an American and give such a huge thank you to all of the men and women who have and are fighting for our country!





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