Voya Women’s Forum: Rebrand. Reignite. Reconnect.

Wow where is the time going?! I have so much to catch up on since I have been away from the blogging world. Last week I was in Baltimore listening to so many inspiring women at the Voya Women’s Forum. My beautiful mommasita and I flew back early Thursday morning, packed up my entire apartment into a trailer that night, cleaned Friday morning and moved into our new apartment Saturday. And now, we finally just got internet so I’m finally back!

The conference was absolutely amazing! I have a notebook full of inspiring quotes, tips and to-do’s that I can’t wait to share with you! And to top it all off, we stayed on one of America’s most beautiful harbors!

Voya Forum

The forum was two and a half days packed full of keynote speakers, workshops, luncheons, dinners and my favorite, a scavenger hunt. I think Voya (once known as ING) is doing things right. The financial world is packed full of many successful men and that can be intimidating for many women. Yet, Voya has made it a priority to hold women networking events such as this forum to bring women together to collaborate about how they are finding success at work, at home and in life!

It was honestly one of the most inspiring conferences I have ever attended and I want to share a few things I learned with you! Here is a little summary of three of the keynote speakers that really got to my soul over the two and a half days. All three were so different, yet so inspirational. I hope you enjoy a little bit of what I learned! 🙂 I will go more in depth of each speaker in the days to come!

Meredith Elliott Powell

Voya Forum

Meredith is unstoppable. She once was a chief operating officer at a large healthcare firm and then jumped over to work for a bank in a sea of men. Her advice that I loved:

Be determined you are going to make it.”

Don’t be focused on what you don’t know. Focus on what you do. Make the choice to thrive. It’s that simple. Simply make the choice.”

The best competitive edge: “Don’t focus on WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.”

Many keynote speakers leave right after they speak, but Meredith was able to hang around for a few days which I absolutely loved! We were able to connect really well and I felt like I learned even more from her!

Voya Forum

Robin Fisher

Voya ForumRobin is the founder and CEO of Big Fish Marketing. She was amazing! She had more of an intuition and spiritual side to her and I loved it! She based her speaking around branding yourself by telling your greatest story. In her story about her life, I found myself getting lost in her words and really feeling like I knew who she was. Some inspiring words from Robin:

“When you feel like giving up, that’s when you need to put one foot in front of the other.”

“Make more money doing what you love. Do a business that brings you joy. Find your joyful zone.”

“Don’t let others define you, you define yourself.”

“Take charge of your reputation, perception and life. Illuminate yourself at your highest potential.”

Robin believed in unearthing the real you! When we are in fear we put on a mask. And it’s so true. We all have a ton of masks. The gossip queen mask, the worker bee mask, the tough cookie mask, etc. But you need to remember to rip off your masks and just be you. Because that’s what’s most important.

Robin taught us how to make our own mission statement which I will write about in the coming days 🙂 I’m so excited to share what I came up with!

Molly Fletcher

Voya ForumMolly is known as “the female Jerry Maguire.” She was a sports agent for many years and now travels the country speaking, doing team building exercises for sports teams and sharing her knowledge in life. I connected with Molly extremely well since I just started my new coaching job. I felt like everything she was saying related exactly to what I was going through right now in my life.

Here are some of my favorite lines from Molly:

“Being successful in life is about building relationships.

“Step outside your comfort zone. Push yourself to have a pit in your stomach. Always get better.”

“Welcome the opportunity to become uncomfortable because that’s how we grow. We need to believe.”

“Be present in the lives of the people we support to truly show we care and respect them.”

“Learn to recover from adversity quickly.”

“Have a toolbox to remind yourself how good you are and why you do what you do.”

Well said Molly!

We also did team scavenger hunts which was sooooooo much fun! Here are a few pictures from our adventure! 🙂 My team was by far the best!











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