Wait, it’s Friday?!

Friday Dance!!!!

Please excuse me for a moment because I almost forgot that it’s Friday! How is that even possible?!  I was so excited to write more about Personal Branding that I almost forgot to dance this morning! Well, Personal Branding will have to wait for another day, because I have to take today to set aside a few minutes and be thankful for what these past few weeks have brought me!

I have a lot to dance about! 🙂

1) First things first, I want to dance for seeing one of my bestest friends in the entire world!


Millie just loves her 🙂


IMG_1738There we go! Sarah now lives in California, but was home for the weekend for a wedding and surprised me by stopping by my new place! She brought the most beautiful housewarming gift ever, flowers in a cute little pot.

IMG_1735It was so good seeing her again and catching up on all the events we have been missing out on in each others lives. Sarah is one of those girls that makes you feel like there is so much to accomplish in life. I am so inspired every time I am with her and she tends to show me the beauty in every life event! She also has a great artistic eye, so of course I pawned her into helping me hang some pictures in the living room. I love the collage she came up with! 🙂


House decorating and wedding planning are becoming my expertise, with the help of everyone I know that is!

2) I am so thankful for my new coaching job!

IMG_1753I can’t really complain right now when my afternoons are spent out on the golf course. Although I am losing a lot of weekends, I absolutely love the girls on the team and am beyond excited to spend the weekends with them and help share some of the knowledge I have for the game, but more importantly, in life.

I always wanted to feel like I was making a difference in someone’s life, and with coaching it’s beyond the sport you are teaching. It’s more about shaping the young soul’s that you cross each and every year. That’s the rewarding part and I am so blessed that I have this opportunity! One of my favorite parts of the job is how much the girls teach ME every day! That’s what makes it so fun.

3) The last thing I am going to be dancing about this week before I have to run off to work, is my baby Millie.

IMG_1755She is honestly so precious. She has to follow me everywhere I go and is the perfect mixture between a cat and a dog. I have a two and a half minute video of her fetching a ball. Yup, you read that right, FETCH-ING!




Sorry for the blurry pictures, she is to quick for my camera phone!

Although Millie is a hellion, she has shown a few signs of being sick. 😦 We have to take her to the vet later this afternoon which makes me a littler nervous. I’m praying that everything is okay. It’s crazy how attached you get to a pet. I honestly feel like she is my baby and I don’t want to leave her today! But I know everything will be just fine and she will be back home tonight destroying the apartment again!

So that’s what I’m thankful for and dancing about this week! I believe it is so important to take a few minutes towards the end of the week and appreciate all that has been given to you! That’s why I do a Friday Dance! 🙂

What are you dancing about this week?!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!







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