Understanding the Past to Shape the Future

Today is a very special day.

Basketball starts up, but this time around I’m on the other side. I’m no longer the player, but the coach. Being on this side gives me such a new perspective for the game, the players and coaches everywhere. The excitement is just as high, but I’m not dreading the conditioning like I used to. ๐Ÿ™‚

God truly is amazing. He has our life already planned out, but it’s how he unravels the path every single day that continues to amaze me. Thinking back a year ago I was in a place that didn’t feel right. Working behind a desk feeling like I had little impact on others. Looking back two years ago, I was starting up my last season of college basketball and didn’t yet realize how much the game, my teammates and coaches will shape me for this moment right now.IMG_0587

Playing basketball for four years in college made me stronger even when I didn’t realize it. I can remember the best times of my life on the court and I can remember the worst times. I remember sitting on the bus and talking with my best friend after a bad game about why we played and where we thought we would end up in five years?


At work last year was the same, I had good days and bad days. I specifically remember October coming home and wondering, God what is my purpose in this job? I know there is a reason that I can’t see, I trust you, but it’s hard to believe what we can’t see.

To me one of the most amazing things in life is to look back and remember on those feelings from years ago. To sit down one day, look back at one particular day and say wow, I remember where I was, how I felt, what I was going through, but this day, right now, today, is why I went through all that. It goes far beyond basketball and far beyond what I learned at work. It’s how God shapes us. Today is such a great reminder that we go through good and bad times for a reason, because one day you will be on the other side of the fence able to help those who are experiencing what you did years ago! ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is my present self talking to that young girl wondering where she would be in five years:

“You are strong. You are happy. You are using every single experience you went through, good + bad to help those that are wondering where they will be in five years! And God will continue to give you good + bad experiences so that in five more years you can look back and realize how wonderful, crazy, amazing and fun this life truly is.”

I truly believe that is what my purpose is in this world and I am so excited to begin sharing that on the court today! Here’s to the next five years for my future self! ๐Ÿ™‚

Go Sabres!!


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  1. Excellent observations in this post! When God is in control we look back and understand the “why’s” of circumstances. That is not easy but that’s why it’s called faith. Thank you for this reminder. Blessings

    1. Marieanna says:

      Absolutely! We all ask the “why’s” of life, but when we can look back and understand parts of God’s plan in our life, that’s when I truly feel blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚ God is good!

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