Thankful For God’s Miracles

What a Thanksgiving! I think I’m still feeling the turkey from yesterday. It was a bit of a slow day today, but I had a lot of time to actually sit down and wedding plan and I couldn’t be more excited for how everything is coming together. Yesterday I asked my niece if she would be my flower girl and she was so excited!!! Tyler’s momma also made her the cutest little bracelet and my mommasita told me today that she hasn’t taken it off yet!

IMG_2438I can’t get over how big she is getting!!

Alongside all the amazing food, a lot of family asked me how planning was going! And I have to be honest, before today, it was stressful. I had some issues with my first venue, haven’t found a church Tyler and I could call home and I just felt like I was behind on everything!

Then today my beautiful best friend, Sarah Riley, aka my wedding coordinator, aka my life savor was able to get me on track and make me realize how fun this really is!! Eeeeek I just can’t wait for all the plans to come together!! Talking to her for over an hour and having some “me” time was so great to have after right after Thanksgiving. It made me realize again how thankful I am for the family + friends I have and I was able to absorb the fact that I get to share this wedding planning with one of my best friends, Katie Wolff, who is getting married next August!

Last Sunday we got together after months of not seeing each other and picked up right where we left off! And of course, since we are basically the same person, we used the day as our way to ask each other to be in our weddings!! I literally screamed so loud when she pulled out this adorable box!



IMG_2414I literally was so excited! How amazing is it that we get to share such an exciting time together!!

As we were able to calm down after that exciting moment, we got on the subject of her Aunt Peg and I feel it is the perfect story to share right after Thanksgiving! God is so good! Ahhh!

So Katie told me that her Aunt Peg, who was a nun for many years, began to lose her eye sight. It just so happened that every day she continued to lose more and more of her vision and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. It was honestly a medical mystery. And then, she woke up one day and had 100% vision. It was just there. The doctors couldn’t believe what had happened and have no explanation for how this happened!

But I know exactly what happened, it was a miracle!! God’s miracles are honestly the most incredible! This story is a true example of how great our God is and how He can make anything happen!

I am so thankful for the wonderful day He gave me with family yesterday, the continued support of friends He gives me everyday and for the amazing man He placed in my life every single day. I am truly thankful for the wonderful God we have!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!




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