Great Workouts For When You Are Sick

When you aren’t feeling well, how do you know if a gym workout will be beneficial? Or make you feel worse?

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This week I haven’t been feeling the greatest and along with that have had no energy. So when do we make the call if working out will help us feel better or make us feel even more sick?

This is the question I faced all week. I hate skipping workouts when I’m sick because sometimes a short easy workout will help me get outside, move around a bit and in the end, make me feel better. But I also know the running, jumping and pounding on my joints typically make me feel even worse. This is when you have to listen to your body. A good rest day can be as beneficial as an intense workout.

I listened to my body and felt that a day on the couch wasn’t going to make me feel much better since I already did that the previous days. So what exercise could I do to get my body moving, but rest my joints and mind? The answer I found, Pilates!!!

I have tried Pilates in the past, but never really got into it because I didn’t feel I was getting a good cardio workout. It’s not like running 3 miles, but the intensity you are putting on your muscles without the pounding on the joints is so beneficial, not only for your body but for your mind too!

Pilates is known as being rehabilitative and I would have to say that is 100% accurate. I feel so refreshed! Here are some of the benefits from Pilates:

  1. Strong Core

    The one thing that should be a constant in your mind when practicing Pilates is what your abdominals are doing. No matter if you are pointing your toes or circling your leg, make sure to keep those abs engaged. It will build that powerhouse in your body and make you so strong!

  2. Refreshing Mind-Body Workout

    Through focusing on the core, flowing movement and pelvic alignment, you become in tune with your body and what you can and can’t do. It demands full concentration. You learn how to control how your body moves. You learn how to breath properly which can help reduce stress. You don’t necessarily meditate like you do while practicing yoga, but you are working to strengthen your body and in the words of Joseph Pilates himself, “bring yourself back to health.”

  3. Gain Flexibility and lean muscle

    Flexibility is important to every single person! It helps prevent injury and it allows you to have a long range of motion. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured. With Pilates you are moving your body how it was meant to move! You may start to notice less back pain, better posture and stronger abs. But a note, it takes time, don’t think these changes will happen tomorrow! 🙂

  4. It’s gentle…but challenging

    Most exercises are performed on a mat in a laying, reclined or sitting position and almost every exercise is low impact. Instead of pounding your joints, Pilates focuses on muscle endurance by working on the strength of the muscles with slow and control movements making it extremely challenging but oh so worth it!!

Pilates is a new favorite and here are some of my favorite Pilates bloggers and workouts:

I would love to hear from you all!

What other benefits of Pilates you have noticed?

Do you have any favorite Pilates bloggers?

What other workouts are your go-to’s when you are sick?







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