The Beauty of the Beach and Mountains

What a week we just had! God is soooo good! Tyler and I went on our second vacation with my parents last week to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it was such a good time.

IMG_2999After a 17-hour drive we were ready to have a little Sunday Funday when we arrived. Starting with Bloody Marys and a brunch that was out of this world?! We knew it was going to be a good day!

IMG_2988We found a bunch of little local bars that made us feel right at home! We had beer, fruity drinks, hush puppies everything that was perfect for a Funday and a pre-game to our Wisconsin Badgers Sweet Sixteen game!

IMG_2990Although we didn’t get perfect weather, the 50-60s that we had in SC was 100 times better than the snow we were getting back in the Midwest! (Is it summer yet?!)

IMG_3052The week was absolutely perfect and we spent it exactly how I hoped we would: relaxing, golfing, walking an old golf course, enjoying nature, sitting in the hot tub, laying in the sun (when we had sun 🙂 ) and enjoying our time together.

Vacations are always so good for the soul because even though the time goes by so fast, I feel I get to soak in the time more than I do in a typical work week! Comparing our two vacations, Tennessee from last April and this trip in South Carolina, I surprised myself by realizing I am a mountain girl more than I am a beach girl! On our way home, we took the scenic route through the Smoky Mountains and back through Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it was the highlight of my entire trip! God’s beautiful nature honestly amazes me and I feel so wrapped up in the beauty of the mountains that I couldn’t stop smiling!

IMG_3061They are just so beautiful! I wanted to hike them again so badly but everyone else in the car was not falling for it! The really amazing part of the drive through the mountains was that on our left it was sunny and beautiful and then to our right it was snowy and cloudy looking. Little did we know that we would be driving through the snow!

IMG_3081My dad kept saying why is this so beautiful, when we have snow at home all the time?! But I can’t even explain to you the beauty the glistening snow branches held. There wasn’t any snow on the ground or on the road, but yet the snow sat so perfectly on all the branches. It was breathtaking. (I had better pictures that captured the snow on the branches, but my camera’s memory card has an error 😦 thank goodness for my iPhone!)



Every vacation I take (especially ones with long car drives) I feel I learn more about myself. One thing I have wanted to do for so long is to live in the moment. But how?! I think I found out how folks and I am loving every second of it! I’ll share next blog post, but what I will tell you is it’s inspired by a book called “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp! It’s absolutely perfect. I feel I am able to enjoy the moment, slow time down and be thankful for moments throughout my days. It takes a lot of practice, but so far it has been so worth it!

God is good!




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