Easter Adventures + Living In The Moment

What an Easter weekend!!! God honestly continues to bless me with so many amazing moments and people in my life! This weekend was full of so many things to be thankful for, and I was able to fully capture every single moment!

In my last post I briefly mentioned a book that I have been reading, “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, that has helped me slow time down and live in the moment. This book is written so beautifully and has made me more thankful in ways I didn’t know I could be. Ann was challenged to write one thousand things or moments that fill her with joy and throughout the book she shares how writing these moments down helps her capture them more fully. I am that same kind of person and I have mentioned it here on my blog many times. There is something about writing down my day or writing how thankful I am down on paper that helps me remember and enjoy it better than not writing it down at all and moving on to the next thing. I’m a to-do list person, you know, the kind that gets a rush when I am able to cross something off of that list. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about writing things down that completes my thoughts. So when reading this book, I thought, I’m going to try this. Instantly, I had a rush of gratitude. I realized all the little things I see every single day, but I never gave my complete attention to. Time honestly felt like it slowed down. I am now living in the moment. I see the little things that I once over looked. Which is something I have been trying to figure out how to do since the beginning of this blog!

There is a saying I have seen many times: “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday.”

Picture from View From The Fridge (http://viewfromthefridge.com/one-new-years-resolution/) an awesome post! Check it out!
Picture from View From The Fridge (http://viewfromthefridge.com/one-new-years-resolution/) an awesome post! Check it out!

Every time I see this saying it has humbled me. Why do we over look so many little things that gives us so much joy in life? On my mission to write my one thousand gifts, I want to spend more time with God. I want to see the little things I do have and the little moments that make up a big part of my day. I want to live in the moment. And I want to live a happy life with God as the center of it!

Here was my weekend with a few of my gifts!

My six-year-old niece came over Friday and Saturday and it was such an amazing time! The adorable town I live in has a workout center that also has a pool, kids section and a water slide and I knew she would be loving everything about it! And oh did she!


47. The many faces of my beautiful niece.

49. The imagination of a six-year-old child.


55. The smile of a little girl that melts my heart.

56. A water slide and giggles echoing throughout the dark tunnel.


59. Bright colors + bunny stickers on egg shells.IMG_3148

60. Easter egg hunts.


61. Colorful eggs scattered across the yard.

IMG_3156Look at this smile!!!!

63. The sweet taste of candy once again.


70. Father and daughter, winning a race!

IMG_3165 IMG_3159 IMG_3166

65. Days spent with family.

IMG_316763. God’s unconditional love

64. HOPE

These are but a few of the many gifts I have written in my journal, but even sharing them with you has put the biggest smile on my face. I catch myself thinking of the exact words I am going to write down while I’m standing in the moment, and that’s what slows the time down. I’m actually taking the time to be thankful while I’m standing in the moment and it brings me so much joy!

Thank you Heavenly Father, for the many gifts of this weekend and for showing me a way to live in the moment!




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