121 Days – Sneak Peak + Advice

Wahoo!! 121 days away until I marry my best friend.

image7(Sneak peak into our engagement pictures! 🙂 Soon I’ll dedicate a post to my amazing photographer/best friend + her hubby and the amazing work they did for us!)

Yesterday was exactly 4 months until our big day, which seems so unreal. I remember when we were 9 months out, then 6 and now we are 4! I feel like we have so much to do yet!

Which is what I wanted to talk about today.

All you brides out there, is it not unreal how much planning we put into one day? I mean yes, the day is a big one and a very important day in our lives, but I feel like everything I have been planning and doing for this one day is just out of control. Does anyone feel me on that?

Because of all the planning and the supposed-to’s of the day, I keep getting wrapped up in all the details of the wedding instead of the main point, the marriage between Tyler and I with God as the center of it all.

Things I am: a worry wart, a stressaholic, a perfectionist, a always thinking of others kind of person (when Tyler says this is the one time I need to learn to be selfish), and honestly, I am not confident with fashion, so the whole picking out dresses and attire. I’m failing. Hard. Oh and I.SUCK.AT.DECISIONS!

Tyler on the other hand is: A MODEL!

image3(Seriously though how handsome is my soon-to-be hubby)

This picture is my absolute favorite because Tyler is my knight in shining armor, and I feel he looks that way in this picture. He is my better half. And my complete opposite! He brings out the best in me when I can’t seem to figure it out myself and I feel I do the same for him when he is being just a little to careless at times! He is always positive and keeps me looking ahead instead of behind me. Tyler is a competitor, works hard and he loves even harder. But when he comes home, he can shut off and “go with the flow.” In all honesty, I have tried to get him to teach me how to be some-what “go with the flow” throughout this planning process and I just can’t quite get it.

Tonight is a very big night for me. I’m hoping, no I’m praying that that my better half can rub his “go with the flow” off on me.

Our bridesmaid dresses came in, and when we ordered them I did something very unlike me. I took a risk and made a very bold decision. On top of me being a worry wart, I am NOT a risk taker. So the fact that I took a huge risk on attire for one of the most memorable days of my life does not give me an adrenaline rush, it gives me major anxiety! And tonight, my maid of honor and I are going to go get the dresses and I’m praying that I absolutely fall in love with them so I can stop this worrying nonsense!

BUT, throughout the entire time I have been worrying about these bridesmaid dresses, Tyler has grounded me each and every day. He reminds me on a daily basis that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of our day. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It’s our love that truly matters! And that’s why we work so well together and why I am beyond excited that in 121 days I get to have him as mine for the rest of my life!


My advice to other brides out there: pray about it. Pray a lot. Pray that God can take your worries and anxiety away and just enjoy this time. Remember that you are marrying your best friend. And that’s what matters.

But now here is my question to all you brides out there or to those married women that totally know what I’m feeling. How did you get through the planning process? How did you overcome the worries and stress? What’s the best advice you could give or that you received??





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