20 Days. 3 Weeks. #foreverwildwedding

20 Days?!


Um What? It was just 92 days last time I posted. <– a little sad it’s been that long.

These past days, weeks and months have been amazing, crazy, exciting, nerve wracking, all of the above. This past month and a half, work just took off to a whole new level. Which is very exciting, but not the best timing with a wedding in less than three weeks. 🙂

I have been meaning to write now for a few weeks about the amazing wedding shower/bachelorette party that my dearest aunts, bridesmaids, mommas, friends and family put together for me. It was honestly the most beautiful wedding shower I have ever seen and I can’t thank my Aunt Sue enough for letting us invade her absolutely stunning new garage, entertainment bar and house. The day of the wedding shower marked 56 days…and my beautiful bridesmaids completely surprised me with all of their stunning decorations and beyond delicious food. The happiness that was inside me for this event can only make me imagine what I will feel in 20 days! 🙂


These girls are my life. And beautiful. I mean seriously look at them.


As guests began to arrive, I was overcome with so many emotions because I couldn’t believe the love and support from every one. It’s like when you are planning a wedding you get so consumed with the details and vendors and dresses and all-things-wedding, that you forget all of your loved ones that are there supporting you and willing to help any chance they can. It also was incredible to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in a really long time.

The day was also emotional for me because I saw my great Aunt, whom I hadn’t seen since my Grandma Anna passed away almost ten years ago. Growing up, my Grandma Anna was like my best friend.

Scan 15

Not only was I named after her, but I was literally her mini me.
Scan 26

Every day in the summer, I would wake up and both my parents would be at work. They would usually leave me a list of chores to do for the day so I would rush through them as fast as I could and then call Grandma to see if I could ride my bike up to the farm to spend the day with her and the boys. Of course, she always said yes and ten minutes later I would come running into her house ready to see what the days activities would be. Most of the time I would be hit with the glorious smell of wedding cakes baking. She was thee most talented wedding cake baker I have every known.

Scan 52

I mean really?! My cake is in the shape of Pocahontas and my brothers literally has grass and dirt piles for his “farm” theme. Every year she made us a different cake. And there is absolutely no one in this world that can make a cake as good as her. Or the frosting. Now that’s a different story. There would be days she would be decorating cakes for an upcoming wedding and I would of course ask to lick all of the frosting bowls when she was done. And if I was really lucky, she would frost a flower on my tongue. It was amazing. She was amazing.

Not having her here to make my own wedding cake has been really hard. And there have been so many days, like my wedding shower, where I wished she could have been there so badly. When my Aunt Tillie walked through the door, it was almost like I saw my Grandma walk in right beside her. When Aunt Tillie gave me a hug and I felt her soft cheeks it was like my Grandma was holding me, and I lost it.

Grandma honestly was with me the entire wedding shower. My two cousins who are my bridesmaids as well, knew how much Grandma Anna meant to me, because she meant that much to them too. They took one of her old chairs and decorated it for me to sit in throughout the entire day. Again, I lost it. 


As sad as I am she is no longer with us, I know she is in a better place. And as much as I miss her, she is such a big reason why I am the person I am today. Unfortunately, I only licked the cake batter and frosting bowls when Grandma was done with them, so I didn’t walk away with the baking or cooking skills, but I did walk away with so much of her love, passion and heart. She gives me a reason to want to become my very best so that one day, I can leave an impression on my granddaughter the way she has left her mark on me.

In 20 days, it’s going to be extremely hard not to have her physically there, but she will be there every step of the way like she is every. single. day. of my life.


Marieanna (named after the beautiful, talented and most amazing Grandma, Anna Marie)




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