Our Forever Wild – 10.17.15

And five months later, here I am!

There is so much to catch up! Life definitely got away from me for a bit as a newlywed! We got married, I got a new job, we bought a house, oh and my computer crashed!!! So now that we are back up and running I can’t wait to share wedding pictures from the most amazing day of our lives.

I’m so grateful for Rea Mae Sherman at Bear Warner for capturing our day so perfectly. We received over 500 pictures back and I LOVE THEM ALL, so it’s extremely hard to pick which ones to print for our new house! 🙂 Here are some of my favorite!

T+M_Wedding_12 T+M_Wedding_20 T+M_Wedding_21 T+M_Wedding_24 T+M_Wedding_27 T+M_Wedding_38 T+M_Wedding_39 T+M_Wedding_49 T+M_Wedding_51 T+M_Wedding_66 T+M_Wedding_67 T+M_Wedding_69 T+M_Wedding_73 T+M_Wedding_76 T+M_Wedding_79 T+M_Wedding_86 T+M_Wedding_97 T+M_Wedding_111 T+M_Wedding_125 T+M_Wedding_127 T+M_Wedding_136 T+M_Wedding_227 T+M_Wedding_243 T+M_Wedding_244 T+M_Wedding_307 T+M_Wedding_314 T+M_Wedding_316 T+M_Wedding_330 T+M_Wedding_336 T+M_Wedding_362 T+M_Wedding_363 T+M_Wedding_367 T+M_Wedding_392 T+M_Wedding_397 T+M_Wedding_502


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