Meet Lambeau Wild

I have been meaning to share the story of how Tyler and I welcomed this little stud into our family for a few weeks now, so I hope you enjoy!


Meet Lambeau Wild.

I know right?! Those eyes, those spots, those ears. They stole my heart too.

It all started about four weeks ago when I was at one of my favorite things here in Madison, the Farmers Market on the Square. There truly is something so special about early Saturday mornings, local farmers, beautiful bouquet of flowers, fresh vegetables, Stella’s Hot and Spicy bread (all you locals, you know what I’m talking about. Ah-mayz-inggg!) and the atmosphere of downtown Madison. It makes me giddy just thinking about it. As my friend and I took our last lap around the Capital we hit State Street on our way back to my car when this little guy looked me straight in the eye.


And it was over from there. I mean just look at him!

Well it was over for me, Tyler on the other hand was at the Badgers vs. LSU game so he had ZERO idea my heart had been stolen away from him. 🙂

As I talked with the owner about how adorable her little puppy was she informed me he was a Bullmatian (a mix between an Olde English Bulldog and Dalmatian). My heart began to race. Tyler always wanted a Bulldog, but I always wanted a running dog. This little guy seemed to be a PERFECT mix. We weren’t “actively” searching for a dog, but it definitely had made it’s way in conversation the last few months. We just could never decide on what kind of dog and when would be good timing for us and our jobs.

As the circle of girls began to swarm around him and his cuteness, I said my goodbyes and began back down State Street. After about three blocks I realized I’d never felt a connection with any other dog like I did with him. My heart felt so full.

“I should have gotten her number,” I told my friend. “That way I could have asked her if she has a waiting list for future puppy liters and then by that time maybe Tyler and I will be ready.”

“We can go back,” my friend said. “Let’s do it, let’s go back.”

So we did.

As I broke through the circle of girls petting and swooning over him, (I’m not kidding when I say he is a chick magnet) I finally reached the owner and asked her for her number and information for when she would be selling more puppies.

“Well actually,” the owner began, “he is for sale. I came here today hoping to find a good owner. If you would like, you could take him home today.”

I literally began to shake. Yes. No. Yes. No. AHHHH! How was I going to convince Tyler we NEED this dog. Here is the thing you guys, Tyler was not even in Madison. He was at the Badgers vs LSU Football game at Lambeau Field and there was no way he was going to say yes to us having a puppy without meeting him first, but I called him anyways.

Thank goodness for Packer Tailgates. Tyler answered with a lot of background noise and happiness in his voice (Packer fans you know what those pre-game tailgates are like 🙂 )

“Of course babe,” he said as I explained everything. “Do whatever you want! I support you!” (I still don’t think he fully knew what he was agreeing to! 🙂 )

So I did what I have never done in my life before. I made a really BIG decision without thinking twice about it. If you know me, usually I’m a very logical person.  I analyze EVERY THING. I go through pro’s and con’s in my head before any decision (even when ordering something off a menu). But this time, I just did it. I made the decision and brought him home with me. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


Before I parted ways with the owner, I thanked her a million times and told her I was so grateful for Lambeau Tailgates as I believed that was the only way my husband agreed to having a puppy. The owner gave me a big hug and said, “Well, then I think you should name him Lambeau.”



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