Let Go and Live Again

This week has been a “back-to-reality” week for sure as I’m trying to settle in and catch up after a very much needed mother-daughter vacation to Vegas.

For those of you that have been to Las Vegas, you know it’s not a trip you typically take when you need some R&R. But going into this trip, I knew that’s not what I needed. Sounds weird right? Let me explain. I knew I didn’t need time just laying by a beach or going to bed early and sleeping in late. I needed a trip where I could “Let Go and Live Again” and to my surprise, that’s exactly what I did.

You see when I go on most vacations, that nasty word “worry” still finds it’s way into my routine. I worry about not working out and over indulging. I worry about resting too much, and not doing enough. I worry what others will think of me and if they approve.  I usually don’t soak in each moment and embrace the time I have with family and friends. And I never think, “This is a moment I’ll never get again.”

However, this vacation, my mantra was more along the lines of – “Marieanna, you are 25 years old only once. You will NEVER see these people in Vegas again so who cares what they think. Let Go and Have Fun!”

So you want to know what I did instead? I danced in the Piano Bar like no one was watching. I zip lined down Fremont Street over hundreds of people. I wore my favorite bright colored lipstick. I stayed up until 4am and woke up a few hours later to do it all over again. I JOINED my mother as she walked up to complete strangers and acted as if they were best friends. (And made a few AMAZING friends out of it.) I literally had the time of my life. 

What I didn’t do was worry. I didn’t worry what people thought of me as I was dancing in the Piano Bar. I wasn’t worried that something would happen as I zip lined through the light show. I didn’t worry if someone would think my lipstick was just a bit too bold. I didn’t worry about the lack of sleep and what it would do to my routine once I got back to reality. I just did NOT worry.

Instead, I Let Go. I stepped out of my comfort zone and it was the most freeing experience I have ever had.

So why am I sharing this with you? You guys, it’s not to rub it in your face that my trip to Vegas with my mom was absolutely amazing. No, I’m sharing this with you because life can be SO different if we just have a little bit of perspective. If we just let go enough to stop the worry and control. You guys, once you are able to understand this, all those dreams you have been storing up for later can become your reality. I’m telling you this because I’m watching as mine start to come to fruition.

Since my trip, I have a new life-changing-mantra that I tell myself every morning:

“I am only this age once. Stop the worrying, the controlling, and the constant strive for acceptance. Let Go and Live Again. Go after your Dreams and Thrive!”

So I challenge you today to create your own mantra to live by. Whether that’s to let go and stop worrying or something else completely. Be you and be proud. Step out of your comfort zone and friends, be amazed at what happens when you break through the chains you wrapped around yourself.










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