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Welcome to Healthy Desires and thank you for stopping by!

IMG_1803Healthy Desires was created as a way for me to share my passion for health, wellness and God’s love. This blog is my journey of discovering the relationship between the mind and body and how it affects our thoughts, attitudes and wellness overall.


Three very important areas in my life is God, health and a positive attitude. When going through some hard times back in college I came across this simple prayer:

“Lord I pray that you bless me today to help spread your Love and Joy to those around me. Please fill my heart with the desires you have for me rather than the earthly desires I have for myself.”

This prayer completely changed my life and has brought me so much love and joy. Including this handsome guy.

It only made sense to have Healthy Desires as the foundation of my journey. When we are on long journeys, we sometimes forget what once was so dear to our hearts. As I make new discoveries in my life, I hope to continue with these three pillars as my core:

  • healthy desires – to continuously pray for God to fill my heart for His desires and not my own and to spread His Joy and Love to those around me
  • healthy lifestyle – to continuously learn about the relationship of my mind and body through exercise and nutrition
  • healthy attitude – to begin, live and end each day with a positive mindset and to realize my mind controls so much of my happiness


My name is Marieanna Wild and I am a 20-something-year-old fitness fanatic trying to live the purpose God has for me.

As a four year student-athlete for the Winona State Women’s Basketball Team I  had many ups and downs including weight struggles, my loss in faith and feeling as if I had no purpose in where I was to go with my life. But wow have I grown since then!

As a college coach myself, I saw all the struggles I went through happening to my own student-athletes and because of my experiences I was able to relate and share with them how to get through tough times.

Now, working for Coaches vs. Cancer Wisconsin and the American Cancer Society, I feel God working in me every single day to fulfill the purpose he has placed me in this world to do! God always has a plan for everything.

Each struggle is to build experience.

Experience builds wisdom.

Wisdom can change the world! 🙂






4 Comments Add yours

    1. Marieanna says:

      Thank you so much Maggie and thank you for reading 🙂

  1. Judy says:

    Congrats on your half marathon! Impressive. Love the pic of you and Katie, wonder who took it!!

    1. Marieanna says:

      Whoever it was, is a great photographer!! I probably should have credited you huh?! 🙂 I’m so happy you stopped by the blog!

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